Friday Night Funkin' - Too Slow but every turn a Different Character Sings it -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Too Slow but every turn a Different Character Sings it

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bruh a month of inactivity is sad. so I made this to break that. also one last vid before ScHoOl gets in my way 😒.

yall remember sonic.exe. that sonic creepypasta everyone used to be afraid of when they were little. yeah our childhood has been brought into a fnf mod. and its great. yeah… its great. they’re great. great great geat.

I ain’t make the cover. (IF its not even obvious enough)
Your savior SPLITEHeck made the amazing cover.
i just added dumb visuals since ppl like those

You may check his channel right here:

And you may look at the cover right here:

you can also play the Sonic.Exe mod right here:

And for the rest of the mods:
(u can find in a pinned comment once I manage to do that) =)

Inspired by:
Blantados + Neonight + (OTHER BETADCIU CREATORS) “but Every Turn a Different Cover is Used / but every Opponent’s turn a Different character sings” series

fnf vid lol. do yall care about tag


  1. 1:29 i love that part and it fits with tabi
    2:22 me when its sheriff on murder mystery on roblox:
    2:25 i cannot stop laugh
    2:53 True drowing theme coming right up:
    3:04 sonic exe: two blue hair guys.thats means…i NOT BLUE I DARK BLUE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  2. Tricky sounds like he is singing importable outset

  3. Sonic.exe when he yawns:


    (Oi check this out 3:11)

  4. Caleb glass: ayo i flying RON:How did you fly (in a cool way)

  5. Fun fact: CJ's voice was made by Sonic saying some stuff in his TV Show/games/etc.. (edit: due to debates or something, i need y'all to look at the CJ trivia of funkipedia.

  6. This was a good song. Yet you have stepped it even further from how good this song is. I am impressed with your work and effort into making this video. This is just to good

  7. Is it just me or Redeca,Ruby and GF sound exaly like the original horro game????🤔

  8. I hate you how you skip jumpscares warning

  9. Rebecca fits in this tabi kinda two and ruby to

  10. just realized how much starving artist singing too slow would fit
    it would be like a rap battle between her and her mental problems

  11. Execution if u can I’ve I been looking for that for so long and can’t find shit on it


  13. 2:15 is almost as funny as the sonic.exe creepypasta ( because scary sanic with hyperrealistic blood eyes says some stuff then I GOTTA PIZZA HERE)

  14. Sonic.exe : sounds like an roaring underground monster
    Starving artist: quiet
    Senpai : kinda sounds like the … music
    Weird killer furry 😳 : sounds like starving artist a bit
    Pump & skid : oooo aaa
    Tabi : sounds like my piano
    Kapi : sounds like 1990 arcade button noises
    Ruv : drums
    Sarv : sounds like an violin
    Tricky : cookie
    Whitty : rock piano sound effect
    Every Fnf mod ever bob: baby drum piano
    Bob : random a noises
    Ron pixel video game sounds
    Cassandra: se sounds
    Pico : car sounds
    Tankman : robot noise
    Ruby : holy singing sounds
    CJ : ge and a sounds
    Girlfriend: aeaeaeaeaea sounds

  15. Tabi hit the perfect timing with the fast notes

  16. 0:38
    When Rebecca is doing dow notes, it looks like Senpai is looking at her with disgust lol

  17. In normal playback speed is fast but try play in 0.75 it sound better In slow

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