Friday night funkin Tik Toks -

Friday night funkin Tik Toks

Bijuu Mike
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Today we look at friday night tik toks

edited by @Mikayla Graceless


  1. Bijuu: no more are coming out
    Me: *knows about like 5 more that are currently being made * •∆•

  2. The….the lemon devil my head REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. Looking at the full screen:mk looks fine zooming in: WTF WTFFFFF NOOOOOOOOOOOO PICO YOU GAY BOY

  4. I was drink water when you drink holy water

  5. Am I the only one that thinks some tiktok hashtag is cringe

  6. But there is actually a Spongebob mod just has sqisward and sponge

  7. Friday faz bare Funkin night faz Bare night bf faz night Funkin

  8. When will mike know that fnf was created for 13+/18+ ._.

  9. Yuo of to put text cuz everyone well copy and copy is not good so yuo of put tag here so no one well copy yuo

  10. the laziest one was the gacha one in this tiktok comp

    imagine pretending to protect a fictional character that doesn’t exist they wouldn’t care especially if it’s gacha cringe bro

  11. “You may see me chuckle” chuckles at the start of the vid

  12. Me playing vs shaggy god eater:ahHhHhHHHhHHhH.mike playing it:EZ

  13. 0:16 "guys i swear I'm not milking the game" covers shirt cutely

  14. Me sees holy water: Can I have that (me : throws to my cat (my cat : you did good brother you did good (me: a wHuT

  15. I'll have the chance to change I'm here still struggling to beat week two In easy

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