Friday Night Funkin' The X Event Mod - Trailer and Download -

Friday Night Funkin’ The X Event Mod – Trailer and Download

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  1. Wait Chara is the white person??? That’s amazing

  2. I know nobody will get attention at this comment but please do a 32 bits version

  3. Lo descargue y me detecto que estaba infectado de IDP.ARES.Generic. la cosa esque si lo quiero jugar pero no se si ese malware sera muy dañino xd

  4. Can someone tell me how to download this pls i cant figure it out

  5. Anybody else trying to figure out how to actually play this mod

  6. how do i even download it what do i use to open it

  7. how do you download it because it doesnt show up as a folder

  8. So no one's gonna adore xtale chara's cuteness i mean just look at that awwwwwwww❤️❤️🥰😍😍

  9. Am I the only one getting the download as a 7z folder-
    what am i supposed to do ;-;

  10. como descargo el mod? cuando lo descargue solo me salio una hoja en blanco de icono ._.

  11. Shield I have good undertale mod ideas so some time can we talk about them

  12. i cant download it cause it asks me where do i want to open it

  13. can someone teach my how to download this? I've tried a few times and it didn't work

  14. Ok idk if its just me but I can't download the mod?

  15. Dude Thank you so much, I've been looking for this mod for 2 days in gamebanana and I finally find it, from you! Seriously man thank you so much

  16. cuando la sacaran para MacBook Air ? 🙁

  17. i downlouded it, it was a paper thing but saw a comment that said to convert it to a zip file. i did that but when i open it, it still shows the paper thing, the paper thing does nothing when i try to open it. can anyone help me?

  18. 0:30 i really like how it sounds like the boyfriend is screaming
    It sounds so real :0

  19. Dude I want it, but I have an iMac.

  20. The man, that said, that Ninjamufiin99 racist and nazi, man, that hates FNF and Newgrounds community makes FNF mod.
    Throw me out of this planet plz.

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