Friday Night Funkin' The Spirits of Hell V1 - Sonic.exe: The Spirits of hell Mod Got Updated!! -

Friday Night Funkin’ The Spirits of Hell V1 – Sonic.exe: The Spirits of hell Mod Got Updated!! –

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Sorry for being more than a week without post videos, i got sick and took a break while playing Sonic frontiers and gow ragnarok – anyway, i’m back 😎
don”t mind the “anyway let’s continue” in 37:27 and 48:38, did a mistake when i was editing lol

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– Friday Night Funkin’ the spirits of hell v1
The Team: SMV5, the reda show, Casan0va, BurritoMF, Soupreme, Meudonik, DaveGG, Ratioedfella, YaBoijak, Sk1ttles, 4rrth_, Junin_Mene, GoshaCher360, MoonyExclipsy, Mr.gandy, lghby, AndreFella, Dorn, KroolKing, Pika Cafe, Just a robot idk, Avenge, JuicePress, Kirb0_, RazorDaMusicHunter, CharlesDokiDoki, M1 Aether, Toonz, Soeiz, Peppy, TomyGamy, BMO, Sythetic, .XDD, JuanPotato, FunkyFanta, Fimbulveter, Redblurr26, Playyeah, JustAnto & BonoanAnything
Thumbnail by: @Kaenlet
Diana Game:

00:00 Menu
00:43 Green hill – Tails
02:36 Mecha Jungle – Tails
04:59 Alliance – Tails
07:33 Crystal Flame – Tails
11:03 Blood Sky – Knuckles
13:16 Red Ring – Knuckles
15:59 Fragment Fight – Knuckles
18:51 Hidden Palace – Knuckles
20:42 Metallic Hardware – Exeller
23:16 Metropolis – Eggman
25:14 Madness Base – Tails Doll
27:24 Sky Sanctuary – Exeller
31:16 Forest Hill – Exeller
33:39 Majin Forest – Majin
37:30 Fly Away – Tails.exe (Bad Ending)
40:07 Hydrocity – Knuckles (Solo Ending?)
43:52 Cry Hill – Knuckles.exe (Bad Ending)
47:50 Freedom Center – Eggman.exe (Jumpscare)
48:50 Freedom Center – Eggman.exe (Bad Ending)
51:19 Silent Hill – BF (Worst Ending?)
53:01 Dark Spirit – Sonic.iso
55:13 Amnesia – Exeller
58:09 Knuckong – Knuckles
1:00:39 Demonized – Exeller and Fleetway Sonic (Unfinished)
1:04:31 Sky-base – Eggman
1:07:24 Not Give Up Screens
1:09:24 Outro

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  1. This is already something nostalgic, something that exsisted all the way before fnf

  2. Atleast spirits of hell is getting love like the times in 2018 and 2017.

  3. Finally 🤩 there are a mod for Exeller!!?

  4. Exetior would be very proud when seeing this video too

  5. Korbyn Dallas The. sloth king angel. arter says:

    Why there no blood hill theme/og sonic.exe theme because tails has green hill the main song

  6. I’m kinda happy the kept fire echidna somehow

  7. Why wasn’t Demonized finished? It’s heccing epic.

  8. Question how long does it take to make the game please answer me

  9. I didn't like most of it but it still crack though

  10. It looks cool I like the mod thanks to the author what I did

  11. As someone who played sonic exe the spirits of hell I just wanna say this fnf adaptation of the game is awesome 😁👌

  12. I actually wonder what happened with Cream?
    Is her song gonna get revamped, too?

  13. I was thinking of a mod idea with Spirits of hell. The idea was that after triple trouble in the other mod, bf gets killed and gets teleported to the Soh universe and goes against the three characters on their solo endings

  14. Greetings Sunfire good video as well hope you doin good I am waiting for you…

  15. Oh look I'm so scared I'm actually kidding

  16. 23:27 I know it’s tails doll, but I hear a little of the tails that was crazy for sonic

  17. Yo I like how tails just looks so sassy but- he wasn’t when he was killed

  18. Is boyfriend deal with sonic exe, because, when boyfriend exe bunny?????

  19. não era para venta isso agora o cara fica bobo

  20. это для вип в пюр табер

  21. Um. The character in Sky sanctuary your about to rap with isn't Exeller. It's Exebi. Exebi is a tiny version of Exeller and his mercy. You may think he is Exeller, however, Exebi doesn't talk at all. Which explains why he doesn't have the dialogue before he's battle with Eggman. He is really silent. So Exebi is not Exeller. It's pretty much obvious @SunFIRE. If you think i'm wrong, go play Sonic.Exe spirits of hell round 2 to reveal the difference between Exeller & Exebi.

  22. The fact the title was cut off at "Got" and I immediately assumed that ANOTHER exe mod got cancelled-

  23. YOOOO I JUST SEE THIS NOW and it's really amazing and nostalgic to see the game : D I was thinking/planning to make a fnf mod about it I guess someone already beat me to it lol, either way I still really love the mod ^^ thank you so much for playing the mod sunfire and thanks to all people who worked on this fnf mod and of course big love to dunah/owner of the spirit of hell
    Sending all my love and support to Everyone, you all are amazing 💖🤗🤗

  24. Hey, does anyone knows original soundtrack of Knuckong?

  25. the mod was great its curious seeing a mod of a cancelled game

  26. 23:16 Metropolis – Eggman at the start of the song the bead hits hard

  27. 58:20 This was definitely based on "Clubhouse" from Wednesday's Infidelity

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