Friday Night Funkin: The Full Ass Game Kickstarter Trailer -

Friday Night Funkin: The Full Ass Game Kickstarter Trailer

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  1. If all weeks are released I could turn them into Sticknodes animations

  2. after a few days it will be two years

    😢 I can't forgive them

  3. This is one of the biggest scams I have ever seen

  4. y'all, calm down, the game is in progress, like it or not, this thing will come up and so there's no need to cry about not getting your game instantly.

    i know they got 2 million dollars, so what? money won't make them faster, even if they get a billion or more, it just.. doesn't care dude.

  5. Kickstarters has bad reputation for having entitled brats whining that this kickstarters of FNF is a "Scam"

    Edit: To those who are still whining about refunding and making fun of Dev of FNF just like you did with Omocat back when she opened her kickstarters. You'll are worthless than shit mix with dirth and also trolls

  6. His game was very popular but his promise if they make the best game in history maybe it will be uploaded to cell phones and consoles

    Please because I know it's the best game

  7. today on zoomers learn game development takes time:

  8. in 2 days this will be 2 years that this hasn't released. lol I W A N T M Y M O N E Y B A C K .

  9. It’s been 2 years since this dropped and I still vividly remember watching this for the first time. Cant wait for the future of Friday night funkin!

  10. Hii Newgrounds!!! Im a huge fan!! Ive been following Newgrounds and Pico for 20+ years, and will continue to until the end of time. <3 you guys and keep up the great work 💪

  11. Update in this May (maybe 6, Lendon, thanks u, but I not talking with him, I just seeing teasers) fuck, I bad speak english 🙁

  12. Can you get can you get a week 8 please I'm waiting for it it's been a long time I'm a big fan of please please pretty pretty pleas

  13. I like how people don’t realise that making like 6 sprites for 45 different characters plus animating cutscenes, a character creator, online support and also a mobile build takes like 2 seconds.

  14. can't they just release one track every month it would be batter than nothing for 2 years

  15. Friday Night Funkin' or Black History Month?

  16. And it never happened

  17. Imagine what even could happen if ninjamuffin didn’t open code

  18. The release of the "full" game will be like GTA 6, someday I'll be out, someday…

  19. >They took the money and ran because modders btfo them so hard

  20. Did anyone notice that in week tive,momy's ass is Missing a piece?

  21. decent game ruined by one of the worst community, was fun hopping on the bandwagon

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