Friday Night Funkin' - THE DATE WEEK with WHITTY & CAROL! 🥂💕 (So Damn Cute!) -

Friday Night Funkin’ – THE DATE WEEK with WHITTY & CAROL! 🥂💕 (So Damn Cute!)

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Welcome back to some more Friday Night Funkin’ mods. Today’s mod features Whitty and Carol on a date together! So many familiar faces in the animated background so comment the ones you see! 2k likes?! Enjoy 🙂

The Date Week ft Whitty and Carol►
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RIOT – Overkill

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  1. The blue guy is the background is not selever, it’s solazar

  2. The 30th day to ask vapor to play Danganronpa…

  3. dam man you don't find hex and why that baby whitty with tabi cloud was a assassin and yep that what you left

  4. Bob and garcello just look closely you will see garcello

  5. The Whitty with Tabi is the fun sized one

  6. tabi might just be the babysitter for whitty and carol just an opinion

  7. In the title in the end (THIS IS SO D** CUTE) I’m pretty sure ur talking about the background

  8. And when he said “oh we have perfeme now!” They don’t even have a nose on there face so what’s the point of putting it on??

  9. Correction that was baby Willy and tabi

  10. Yo if there is a mod Creator in this comic section make a fnf mod for vapor the gamer

  11. How did you forget Hex? He's the most wholesome robot around!

  12. That whitty that you saw in the background was a small version of whitty

  13. Bijuu mike is in there. Another YouTuber i watch lol

  14. hey people im saying that this chanel has changed SOO much love it

  15. if you lost Whitty’s balls wouldn’t break but he would explode and destroyer the whole city

  16. i like the random plane inna backround saying :💣 FIND HIM

  17. R.I.P The vs whitmore / Whitty mod this was a amazing letter to the modding community at the end where it showed all the art

  18. R.I.P whitty mod it has been deleted because a lot of peoples saying whitty and tabi songs are almost the same but the idle are similar the creator of whitty had to deleted because peoples are cursing at him at least we have the date mod maybe tabi or madness (Tricky) might be deleted

  19. Who ever thought a literal bomb could hook up with a girl

    I ain’t judging it’s wholesome

  20. Well. We can say goodbye for Whitty now. Since its now gone. Just like other mods like Sky.

  21. The reason the date night mod exists is to basically give Whitty a happy time for his "death" since his mod is gonna be deleted if it isn't already, and on perfume, it's basically a love letter to all the mod creators with everyone walking in the background. Whitty is indeed having his final happy moments with the one person he's shipped with most, Which is Carol. The Whitty mod has had it's final update and is deleted.

  22. The Whitty was fun sized whitty ok
    👍 👌

  23. Tabi is with Whitty Jr, not the actual Whitty.

  24. I wonder what happends if you lose in that mod 🤔

  25. I've always wanted to see a medieval times bomb in a white suit

  26. btw they removed whitty mod goodbye whitty 🙁

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