Friday Night Funkin' Teaser -

Friday Night Funkin’ Teaser

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Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game made by psychopaths from Newgrounds with no limits to the insanity or cartoonish depravity they’ll stuff in.

The story?

Your girlfriend’s dad has challenged you to beat him at his own game if you wanna get with her. Though it won’t be easy to out-sing an ex rockstar. And even once you’re done with his dumb ass, seems like there’s gonna be a lotta others lookin to get in your way.


Friday Night Funkin’ has quite a long way to go, being only barely a demo and still more of a prototype. Look forward to it’s growth, polish, and best of all, slew of Newgrounds characters to be added! And if you’re a Newgrounds creator yourself, nothing’s impossible, your character could be added next!

The Newgrounds version will continue to be updated as time goes on, and who knows, with enough fan support maybe the Funk will even reach places like Steam and consoles, eh?


Be sure to follow the game’s creators!

Ninjamuffin99 (programmer) –

KawaiSprite (musician) –

PhantomArcade (animator) –

EvilSk8r (artist) –


  1. this game has ruined my life in the best way possible

  2. I can't find FNF in Google play store 😢😥🥲🥺😔

  3. So now there's no more female playable characters in this game? It's back to being a sausage fest?

  4. I hate the creator he copied all ill rate it 9999-negative 😡😡😡

  5. This game ruined a generation of children on the internet

  6. i remember watching this trailer 5 hours after it came out…
    where did we go so wrong??

  7. wild that its like almost 3 years till fnf was like very popular ig lol

  8. 2 million dollars saved and yet they can’t make a full game with only weeks and other shit coming out and the games been out for almost 3 years now, not surprised the community died

  9. Happy birthday to this game thanks for ruining my life

  10. Wow!
    What an awesome game! Hopefully the developers won't make a Kickstarter for a "full-ass game", raise 2,000,000 dollars for said Kickstarter, and then run off with the money whilst never releasing the "full-ass game"

  11. Y de ahi nace uno de los juegos que tienen puros ships raros,comunidad toxica, sobrevalorado y otras cosas que ya todos han dicho sobre el juego.

  12. Well, well, well. I wonder how will ninjamuffin walk out of this one.

  13. What an amazing game, I hope the guy doesn't like cp

  14. Ta guapo..
    pero no tanto como el friday meaty funking

  15. Remember when people actually had hopes of this releasing?

  16. I know hank is supposed to look down but it looks more like he has an egghead lol

  17. If you are wondering why it hasn’t come out yet it’s because they spent the money to smoke crack

  18. this shit turned into jeffy from sml creepypasta music

    good god

  19. This game was a scam. I come from the future.

  20. Who comes here just like me when they see the new updates?

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