Friday Night Funkin' Sonic Shadow and Amy Mod -

Friday Night Funkin’ Sonic Shadow and Amy Mod

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I just love this game to bits please support the dev’s ;w;!

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I originally just planned on doing Amy and Sonic and then Pico came out and well he’s just perfect for Shadow XD
I plan to mod the other Sonic characters too! 😀
here are the Sprite files if you would like to play this mod

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  1. How about the members of the Deadly Six? 🙂

  2. Very good job! Just got the mod its amazing! It kinda gives me nostalgia for cream and cheese, rouge and cosmo 🙂

  3. Lyrics i made up for the Shadow fight
    Pico (Phase 1):
    Shadow: go shadow go shadow yeah all hail shadow all hail shadow Yeah
    Sonic: Go Sonic go Sonic yeah Speed Sonic speed sonic yeah
    Shadow: im going speed up tonight do I need more bullets tonight? Yeah probably need more bullets tonight (*GUN*)
    Sonic: im going speed up tonight do I need more challenges tonight? nah probably need a break from this tonight
    (*Repeat the lyrics untill the final part*)
    Shadow: you thought you were gonna run to the end, but you crashed into your demise instead, i am shadow, all hail shadow And your just a faker whos gonna need a breath taker because you can't keep up with my speed
    Sonic: I'm gonna go faster and beat you before ya blink, i am the fastest we both know that And im pretty sure your too slow to keep up so why dont you give up?

    Philly nice (Phase 2)

    Shadow: Can you feel your death? Can you feel your death? Can you feel your death?
    Sonic: can you feel you losing yet? Can you feel your loss yet?

    Shadow: I am the Ultimate life form ready to beat your storm
    Sonic: im sonic the hedgehog! MOREES the hedgehog I got my name from my speed so please think twice before you fight

    (*Repeat* 2 times*)
    Shadow: the final fight ready to be in a flight To my victory
    Sonic: victory? hah! I have a longer history! And this is your final flight because im winning tonight!
    (*Repeat the lyrics and some parts of phase 1 you choose which and the song finishes*)

    Blammed (Phase 3)

    Shadow: This battles just begun all this fire bout kill someone we have gone past the point of having fun
    Sonic: this battles all but one just because i live in mobius doesn't mean I can't have fun

    Shadow: you think your above me because your a blue blur? I'm an original from 50 yers longer yet you know who you DAMN are
    Sonic: you are wrong I don't think I'm above you I think I beat you! And your right about one thing I am a blue blur!

    Shadow: do people wanna hear all about my origins? Feel like an old man lecturing the but what even am I without it?
    Sonic: your an old hedgehog, while I am still younger, j got a longer lifespan so you would lose every time

    (That part where it sounds like pico is going screw it with his gun)
    Shadow: I am the ultimate life form and im ready to bring a more Red form ready to explode!
    Sonic: i am the fastest hedgehog and im ready to bring a more Dark Form ready to slice!
    (*They repeat parts of the lyrics of every phase*)

    Pico -> Shadow
    Philly nice -> Ultimate Dice

  4. Sonic The Hedgehog Longplays (& Knuckles) says:

    I want Amy as Mom Mearest.

  5. Could you help me with adding these to my files? Seeing as they're in a google file rather than a download file

  6. New sonic game looks pretty swell. Love to see they chose to have one be all about music.

  7. pls make a video on how to put it into the game pls

  8. How do I play Friday night Funkin I only got the extension version of Friday night Funkin and Idk how to make the characters go into the game also I have a Friday night Funkin mid night masses mod of some kind how do I make the characters and the application work?

  9. Extended cast:
    Boyfriend: Sonic
    Girlfriend: Amy
    Daddy dearest: Knuckles
    Skid and Pump: Cream and Cheese
    Lemon demon: Mephiles
    Pico: Shadow
    Mom: Rouge
    Senpai: sorry I can't think of anybody as the roll of senpai.
    Tankman: Metal Sonic?

  10. it's legacy war pro UwUz fire speed playz roblox says:

    How do I download it in my mobile

  11. How did you put this mod in? I want to put more I don't know how to put the mod

  12. hey uhm if i want to download it i cant.. did you take it down?

  13. Adorable! <3
    Can i use some of this skins for a mod? I will credit you of course~♪ i'm planning to make a fully sonic-themed fnf 😀
    Including the music of course 👉

  14. how do you put this mod on friday night funkin

  15. I'm doing a re-animation of Sonic sprites, I don't know if I should ask the creator's permission before I post it on my channel.

  16. Can you do week 7 but I don't know which sonic character to be in week 7

  17. I didn't know you can make a Sonic mod of this game 😕

  18. Fun Fact: This is the first mod to make Girlfriend's legs sway from side to side like the scrapped idea for the official game.

  19. i`m good at tapnig girl you soooooooooooooooooo cute~

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