Friday Night Funkin' (SECRET BOSS WALKTHROUGH) - Monster/Lemon Demon -

Friday Night Funkin’ (SECRET BOSS WALKTHROUGH) – Monster/Lemon Demon

Chrisu Gaming
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There is something wrong with this secret boss
Let’s find out in this video!

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  1. it keeps sending my back to the screen when i try to do it or sends my back to the song

  2. Fun fact: the girlfriend was not scared of what the lemon sayed, she was scared cuz appeared a lightning

  3. I just realized coryxkenshin watched your video

  4. i did the walkthrough and if you do gf its literally the tutorial gf

  5. That’s what Corykenshin uses his phone to get in to the secret song in part 4

  6. That's not a boss, that's nothing more than an unused level.

  7. oooh its so scary ooooo like it wasn't in a normal playthrough and you need to do some hacking to get to it ooooo spooky oooo

  8. theres actually another way to access this for some reason: in the versus whitty mod, go into free play and boom

  9. Anyone here from TheCubicBlazer??? haha ilyyyyyy

  10. Did they nerf this? I decided to check this out myself, and the song was arguably easier, you never even have to press and hold two notes at the same time like this.

  11. what do you use to play it keys or something else

  12. -Frequenxy 1117- but he’s a gaming god says:

    Monster was originally supposed to be the third track for week 2, but it was scrapped because it was hard to chart s=and other reasons

  13. Secret..? In my gameplay of fnf, its just RIGHT THERE! U dont need to do anything lol-

  14. so i tried something else (before watching this video) which was wrong, but i cant fix it even when i do whats in this video. i cant play the songs any more. I think i broke it.

  15. dose he have a problem with the monster eating his girl friend

  16. Did you know that CoryxKenshin reacted to this in one of his Friday Night Funkin videos? You could hear this guys voice saying “Then type Monster.” So yeah. I’m just saying.

  17. 1-go to assets
    2-go to data
    3-Go to Freeplaysonglist
    Add Monster
    4-play the music 🙂

  18. Idk if it’s the mods I’m using or something but whenever I get in the song now it says it’s a work in progress and to come back for an update if they get to it

  19. mine didn't work for the method
    it just kept on exiting me
    the monster hates me😭😭

  20. when i downloaded the game i was just playing the tutorial and i got to that secret area
    i think that this is an easter egg so i get on youtube to check about this and found this boss
    im lucky to have on my first try

  21. chrisu gaming misses a note

  22. When I played he just appeared after week5 for me when the song finished

  23. i cant get into the song it is just a black screen

  24. bro i just unlocked the secret boss walkthrough without doing any of those steps the lemon dude

  25. Secret Character… not secret song 🤦‍♂️

  26. I came here to see other youtubers do him to see how good they were :3

  27. “secret boss”
    Yes, this is totally a very intense boss battle.
    Totally not a kid who speaks car language rap battling a lemon dingus thingy while his girlfriend vibes to sPoOkY music, completely ignoring the fact that fake lemon head is talking about eating her.

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