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‘Friday Night Funkin’ [Prototype]’ by Ninjamuffin99 (Itchio)

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Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…

“Decided to make a rhythm game before the theme, and music is slightly adjacent to looping right? Alright you get it I ain’t rollin with the theme this time around, I just wanted an excuse to make a cool game over the weekend.”

Play ‘Friday Night Funkin” on Itch.io:

#FridayNightFunkin #LD47 #LudumDare47


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  1. It's come so far, glad to be with it all the way from the beginning.

  2. lmao i remember this, now is really epic the game. I love watching progression

  3. One of the best games of 2021 here (That and The Dead of Night), considering it came from Newgrounds after the end of flash AND is a rhythm/song game.
    Makes me wonder, will 2021 reintroduce unpopular game genres again, like they did with rhythm and FMVs?

  4. It really has come so far since the prototype, hasn't it? Man

  5. Wow, the V pose used to come out in the second song too. No wonder it got deleted from all songs after Bopeebo, it came out at weird times and even when you failed notes, creating the ilusion that you were doing well even though you weren't. In Boopeebo even if you fail, the V pose comes out when instrumental says Yay! so it makes sense.

  6. Can you just stop wasting my time at the first part


  8. Girlfriend used to sit on… I guess stairs? a platform? something… I wonder if someone were to do a prototype mod and restore some prototype stuff into the latest version of FNF… that would be awesome!

  9. Nah, this game isn't really that intuitive. I'm sure it'll die off in a few days…

  10. I love this game! its so nice, the characters, EVERYTHING :))

  11. stop replying to my old comments ffs says:

    I love how GF is sitting in literally nothing

  12. Friday Night Funkin has been improving a lot nowadays

  13. I remember my friend showing me the prototype after that I have been addicted to the game


  15. This came out back in October? I thought it was November

  16. Wtf. 10 months of this video.

    I remember when I watched and have 3 months;-;

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  18. Huh, what a curious rhythm game
    I wonder what would happen if there was a way to make mods…

  19. so this game was made while Among Us was still on its popularity peak

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