Friday Night Funkin Predatory Furry Controversy ft. AetherDX -

Friday Night Funkin Predatory Furry Controversy ft. AetherDX

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Friday Night Funkin Predatory Furry Controversy ft. AetherDX

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  1. Dear lord… I feel bad for the person.

    You know, my friend in twitter is 16 but is dating a 18 years old. I personally don't know what to do nor say he seems to be in a loving relationship and their age of consent is 16 but…

    Part of me feels very uncomfortable from that and I just saw this video makes me feel a bit more worried about them. I just dunno what to do

  2. some of these videos i be paying more attention to the mario galaxy gameplay tbh

  3. Lets just stray away from the community and look at the bright side. WHEN TF IS THE FULL ASS GAMR COMING OUT >:D

  4. Aside from this situation, nice Mario Galaxy Gameplay.

  5. At first: OH GOD THEY DID THAT?!?!?!?!?

    Now: ok that’s cool

  6. Friday Night Funkin isn't even 1 year old and it's already tearing itself apart from the inside.

  7. This community went from funkin around to groovy tunes.
    To funkin around with children.

  8. Tbh I was kinda hoping this was one of the drama you never did
    But I that's kinda your channel so I understand
    Anyways yeah, it really did came to a surprise to see all that unfold, especially since I was close friends with her
    Hurts to see that sometimes some people aren't who they seem they are

    Also to anyone who finds her active again, just ignore her, it ain't worth sending hate and shit

  9. Its gotten to the point where I'm just used the controversies.

  10. people just can’t keep their clothes on huh?

  11. The age gap isn’t the problem there, I mean it’s a 2 yr gap and there is lots of places where the age of consent is 16, what is the problem is consent itself, aether is manipulative, they need the consent of the person

  12. What mods did he make? Cant remember, I think cyrix

  13. Ok, so to the people acting like this is representative of the community is braindead. The thing is that the whole fnf community is enormous. In this enormous community there are bound to be shitheads. I am glad to see that they are called out tho.


  15. “Wow I can’t wait to visit the FNF community!”
    “It should be really good!”
    “Aight I am going to it!”
    “Wait a minute what is this?”
    Another soul claimed

  16. the comments be like

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  17. AetherDX…
    Once An Golden Star In Gaming Mods.
    Now She Became The Garbage That Is Covered In Dirty Water And Never Drys Away In Your Trash Can.
    As Soon She Was Revealed To Be In An Unsafe Love Releationship With An Underage Person Many Moding Devs Removes All Her Info About Her Work…
    Info About Her Work On The Monika Mod?
    Work About Bob 2.0?
    That Same Thing Through Ron's Torso.
    (Whisping) Bestwedontaskhimaboutit. (Cuz The FNF Mod Wiki Said That Even He Fictional It Says That His ACTUAL Age Is Under 18)
    And Even Aether Have To Remove…
    (Now I Can Never Play And Sing The Song That Has Baka Mitai LYRICS On It In FNF Fashion)

  18. Everyday we stray further from god



  20. it have been 35 years, and i don't know if spete have read homestuck

  21. remember, once you use a fnf pfp, cosplay as a fnf character, being cringe af while liking fnf, being a fnf kid ("OMG IS THAT ENDLESS SONIC FROM SONIC.EXE FNF MOD"), fnf roblox player, creating a corruption mod and you will have 2/3% in each things you do to get in a predator's watch

  22. spete im glad you're talking about this whole situation but can you please not use suggestive art of Akira for a serious topic

  23. Bruh and there was a VS Akira mod trailer in the August f3.

  24. Why is it so damn hard for people to not groom children? God I hate people

  25. A perfect reason to stay inside my house. 🙂

  26. I am a past friend of AetherDX, before known as Sam Sylveon.

    I never had any proof to cancel her, she confessed many things to me in DMs, such as her diaper kink and many other things that I don't want to bring up still without proof, but, I always expected this to happen.

  27. I don't enjoy killing but when it's done righteously it's a chore like any other

  28. Ok being completely honest i think that this is pretty fu*ked up

  29. I literally told youtube not to reccomend me your videos and now l'm burdened with the knowledge of the horrendous reality of a situation like this. Thanks YouTube 🖕

  30. I swear every good moder in the fnf community is either a predator or just homophobic this sucks. 😔

  31. When I try to hit the "Read More" text, it somehow takes me to the link instead. And it's because the range for it is TOO BIG.

  32. Bro why is a everyone a predator now daya

  33. wtf is wrong with the fnf community? it's just a simple rhythm game, and it's inhabited by so many just awful people.

  34. Now the Bob mod is literally becoming every fnf mod ever

  35. I was thinking: "Hey, this Drama is stupid, it's just a 2 year age cap"

    Until… I knew she was manipulative

  36. The fact you say that now I think someone twisted enough will want aether to die

  37. If aether helped with the monika rebooted mod would that mean they would have to make a monika rebooted rebooted mod?

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