Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect Combo - V.S. Chara (hexar) [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Perfect Combo – V.S. Chara (hexar) [HARD]

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Another incredible Chara mod for the day! It is SO incredibly creative, I love all the different stuff Chara does in the entire song, huge props to hexar for making these incredibly cool effects! The music and art is beautiful as well, a real joy to play! Also, apparently I got 100% Sicks which I haven’t even noticed until after I edited the video, which is pretty cool! Please, check the mod out for yourselves if you like it! Hope you guys enjoy!

Link to mod:

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Channel Info:
This channel consists of videos about modifications to a rhythmic video game (some of which I personally worked on) that range from slightly difficult to very hard for most players. Four arrows fly towards the screen forcing you to press them at the right time to the music. Hitting all the arrows in a song counts as a “Full Combo”, which is very hard to do and takes a lot of time and practice to be able to do consistently and is the main gimmick of my channel, which I showcase in each video. I also include secrets and extra content that might’ve been undiscovered and show them off through instructional and entertaining ways that can be used as guides, as well as occasionally adding my own input on things happening in the video, all done through my creative editing style that focuses on being concise and transformative. In the descriptions I give my in-depth opinion on the video game as well as timestamps for each part of the video. All the videos were played, recorded and edited by me. #FridayNightFunkin #FNF #Flippy


  1. Wow i never noticed how bad the charting is lol there are a lot of notes missing

  2. это изи очень легко

  3. I feel bad about papyrus,flowey and sans they don’t deserve to treated this way

  4. this is not hard he says it hard but its easy?

  5. And this is why kiddos,Canon is better than Fanon.

  6. Mrblueymackeinziedingdong_AUTTP🇦🇺68 says:

    i wanna use this song for a lobby fnf

  7. Bro the song was normal and I know it because I've already played the mod

  8. Title: ''Hard''
    Me: Well some notes are missing. Is it actually on hard mode?

  9. Friend if you know that it is normal to have a difficult time or if you do not choose the ghost😂

  10. I love how a bunch of other monster accessories are in the BG

    Spear- Undyne
    Flower- Flowey
    Bones- Skelly brothers
    Coat- Sans
    Scarf- Papyrus
    Trident- Asgore

  11. She is scary singing and then just a yeh im happy and innocent 😇 in her preset

  12. Two year anniversary of this video’s upload date

  13. 3:32 Oh No!, Chara looking for me knife, I WILL GONNA DIE!!!, AAAAHH WHAT THE HECK!!!
    HELP ME!!!

  14. Şey chara için güzel bi şarkı olmuş😅

  15. Still my favorite mod hands down it brings so much memories back when i was in 7th/8th grade

  16. dont hate on me but this is now my fav song no hate pls!!

  17. why does this sound like true love from glitchtale ost💀

  18. Почему то я думал, что песня будет сложнее… Это было так давно 😭

  19. bro this is not on hard it's missing a fucking note

  20. bro this video just in easy bro lie for mom

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