Friday Night Funkin' Nightmare Universe DEMO Release! [NU FNF MOD Related] -

Friday Night Funkin’ Nightmare Universe DEMO Release! [NU FNF MOD Related]

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This mod is fully dedicated to JaizKoys!

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Discord: SunFIRE# 0350
– Friday Night Funkin’ Nightmare Universe
The Team:
– Main account:
– 0228alex99123: Owner/artist –
– Darkeon212: Director/Pixel work –
– JaizKoys: Owner of NU Universe –
– Bap: Coder –
– Renx: Artist/Composer –
– WhirlingWinds: Pixel work/Compositor –
– PurpleInsomnia: Coder/cool guy –
– SunFIRE: Beta Tester/Awesome person 😀 –
– Nugs: Beta Tester – Couldn’t find
– Laster11: Beta Tester – Doesn’t have
– Yiyipooh: Beta Tester – Doesn’t have
– Anton2Fangs: Composer –
– Wrath: Composer –
– Kronoto: Composer/Cool Guy –
– DJ Dogster: Composer –
– Noobvyon: Artist/Awesome person 😀 –
– Tordsito: Artist –
– A dead user: Artist – Couldn’t find
– Yuna Hedgehog: Artist – Couldn’t find
– FoxNaguira: Artist/Cool guy –
– Periii: Artist –
– Amongusaur: Artist –
– zAlphaRBLX: Artist – Couldn’t find
– Osher the fox: Artist/Cool guy –
– Honk: Artist – Honk!#7038
– Zay: Artist –
– Voice: Voice Actor – Couldn’t find
– O’MoorUnnamed: Animator – Couldn’t find
– Linkmain: Animator –
– Hertz: Animator –
– Coconut: Coder – Couldn’t find
– Flare: Coder –
– Vertex: Coder –
– 24roomsofdeath: Coder –
– Gally: Charter –
– Dracuuuu: Charter/Cool Person –

Thumbnail by: @Kaenlet
Diana Game:

00:00 Main Menu
00:29 Exetior Song – Simulation
03:09 Pervision Song – One Eyed Freak
05:44 Pervision Song – Anger Reflected
08:01 Sark Song – Killjoy
12:25 Pervision Song – Tired (meme)
12:53 BF losing icons and Game Over Screens
14:43 EXEtras – Stuff
16:13 EXEtras – Posts
17:48 EXEtras – Credits
19:26 Outro
19:44 wh

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  1. this is a amazing mod the exetior song is my fav

  2. Did you get permission to create a mod?

  3. I was wondering when this would happen. It only makes sense

  4. Ahh of course stark would be the only one to remove BF tongue




  6. About time we get an NU Sonic.exe mod!

  7. Yes! Now people can finally know the exe lore! (in jaiz's universe and everyone included.) If this is the case, i hope they add sally.exe continued nightmare, and final nightmare, and i hope negagen and exeller and more people make it in! people like parasite, eyx, and more exe's like x terion.

  8. Hm, when can I rap against these guys? They seem interesting! Also, why does Sark remind me of Xeno-

  9. At long last, we finally get a mod that should have been made long before its release. I find it sad that only now people realize that they’ve never made a mod about the carriers of the sonic.exe community.

  10. Exetior sprite is bad.
    His voice sounds too much like sonic.exe

  11. Honestly, I can't stand sonic fnf mods anymore

  12. I'm a dev too, i like working on this mod and thanks for who play this mod.

  13. Hi guys! I'm the owner/artist of the Nightmare Universe mod and I'm happy to finally release the demo, it took 10 months but it's finally out!

    Can't wait to show you guys what we have planned for the full release of the mod >:)

  14. Juancraft_YT El Jugador en otro nivel y más says:

    Hello is the mod fnf is the jumpscares

  15. Finalmente estava esperando isso 😊😊😆😆

  16. Holy shit! My two favorite things… COMBINED!!!

  17. I can never get passed the demo phase of my mod I fell left out 😫

  18. And with that.. Killjoy’s my favorite track in the mod so far..

  19. 9:20 Honestly…this goes harder than how Sark usually is.

  20. sarks art before his song caught me off guard, i did not know that his teleportation rings looked like that

  21. Wow sally.exe finished nightmare fnf so cool

  22. I can't wait to see the smile on Jaiz's face when he sees this

  23. NB
    Such flashbacks im having rn
    Good ol’ memories

  24. I was waiting for a mod like this, WORTH THE WAIT

  25. I hope exetior sprite will be fix in next update

  26. I wanna see sparks cream and sally in this that would he amazing also since sparks cream and sally and himself are my 2and fav to Exetior

  27. OMG I LOVE Nightmare beginning ty

  28. Xeno Sonic exe the Games Bf (chiristmas) says:

    Is mod is super good job

  29. Xeno Sonic exe the Games Bf (chiristmas) says:

    Is mod têll add Série NU

  30. Hey SunFIRE please play this game Super Mario world for Princess peach exe or not?

  31. Killjoy is hella good! I frickin' love Sark!

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