Friday Night Funkin' : Muted Melodies Remastered - Menthol | New original song -

Friday Night Funkin’ : Muted Melodies Remastered – Menthol | New original song

Tactical Cupcakes
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NOT FINAL FOOTAGE. Some assets, such as dialogue sheets are subject to change!

Well, here we go. I’ve been holding onto this new stuff for a hot minute, and I’m finally at a point where I can start revealing some of the exciting new content planned for a new update for Muted Melodies!

Song is “Menthol”, written by myself with some producing help from @Lillian Craig .

HUGE thanks to @MegaFreedom1274 for drawing me a new spritesheet; it’s so cool!

Background by @Sakaruchibi .


Muted Melodies: Vs. Tactical Cupcakes:

Google Drive Link:

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Be sure to check me out on Discord too!

Check out the LORE page on TV Tropes:
Commonly used Asset credits:

Casual and Christmas Sarvente sheets were drawn by myself, using Amazein-G’s remaster as a base: . My edits aren’t downloadable right now.

Chill Sky/Skylar was designed by myself, and animated by @AJTheFunky.

@Doroido Rui and @Sakurakoto provided animation help with some of my sheets.

Voicebanks come from Myself, @GenoX, @AJTheFunky, and @Blantados.
If present, I voiced the following:
Sweetheart (OMORI)
Canary Mary
Cassandra (Schoolyard Scuffle)
Aoki (Friendly, Speaking voice)
Mari (OMORI)
Aubrey (OMORI)
Sunny (OMORI)
Basil (OMORI
Kazuki (Weeg)
Chill Sky/ Skylar

Senpai voiced by:

Icons for Senpai from Friday Night Inverted, by Kitcaaaaato

Emotion boxes are inspired by OMORI’s emotion status conditions, remastered by myself.

Most opening cutscenes use songs from the OMORI OST.

Cutscenes are made with the Friday Night Fever engine:

Friday Night Funkin’ is by:


  1. Hi Tactical Cupcakes!! Do you have the midi of the song? I wasGonna make fnf cover of it!! (I wanna hear your Response!!)

  2. If you give me permission to credit your songs?

  3. You Finally Got That Right Cupcakes! Good Job!

  4. I won’t be able to catch the premiere but I will watch it after the premiere

  5. The song was an absolute, fire banger of a song.

  6. 🛐🛐🛐🛐TC New sprites🛐🛐🛐🛐

  7. I love the new sprites of your persona, T.C!!!

  8. Oooo I like this!! Good jobbbb also nice design change

  9. l like your new sprites tc character but it's okay 👍

  10. Other amazing song from a amazing creator. This has a calming tune to it, i love it. Sounds like a song to vibe to during a nice night. New tc sprites loik amazing including the idle. Love it tbh! And look forward to seeing the sprite in LORE sooner or later

  11. AYYY YOOO I wonder who made your sprites they are very talented

  12. Look at the re-desgin sprites of TC! Is soo cool.

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