Friday Night Funkin' Mods are getting out of hand -

Friday Night Funkin’ Mods are getting out of hand

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Friday Night Funkin’ Mods are getting out of hand… I know the intro says “4 random mods” but it was actually 5, I’m too lazy to go back and fix lmao. but yea we played 5 random fnf mods live on twitch, it actually kinda fun ngl


timestamps –
Intro (00:00:00)
Skarlet Bunny (00:01:03)
Cartoon’s Doors (00:25:58)
Guy (00:28:34)
Heathers (00:34:46)
Regular Friday Night (00:38:02)

play all of the mods here –

Graffiti Groovin’| V.S. Skarlet Bunny

Vs. Rush: A 1up Cartoon’s Doors Song

Friday Night Funkin’ VS SCUFFED GUY

Heathers Demo

Regular Friday Night

Play Friday Night Funkin’ on Negwrounds ~

Play Friday Night Funkin’ on Itchio ~

outro ~

#fnf #fridaynightfunkin


  1. this has to be the best mashup of mods but, what about barnacle funkin

  2. Man Chat simping for a girl wearing bunny ears and a tail…..and just because she’s showing skin? Yeah nah chat needs to be checked out

  3. I can just imagine Benson yelling "PUT ON SOME DIFFERENT CLOTHES OR YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

  4. you should try the vs fnaf2 mod, its a really cool and really big. but if ur not into fnaf its ok

  5. yoo,that girl in the background you called miku pretty sure her name was cassette girl

  6. isn't bf, around 2 feet so if that where that, that means that Scarlet, is around 5.3-ish feet then DANG she short for a 19-year-old and also, I loved it when you said what the funk lol

  7. You should try fnaf 2 and spongebob parodies v4

  8. wish i coulda checked out the stream it woulda been fire

  9. You know you might be better with higher FPS 60 frames is wack but 240 best or 120 is good too

  10. I'll Try And Join The Twitch Stream Next Time I Just Hope When I Do You'll Reply To Me

  11. Tbh some of the people in chat are brain dead i just read the most craziest sentence bruh

  12. You should try out Analog Funkin.A mod about popular Analog Horror's

  13. "dont even say it yall"

    Skarlet Bunny: and i took that personally.

  14. Yo Riqos I know some keybinds to help you get better at fnf witch is zx,.

  15. To explain Doors, it is a game on roblox where in the sole intention to is outrun a variety of creatures inhabiting this place and make it to the elevator on door 100- you have the first monster, Rush, he will be heard several doors away indicating he is about to rush you down; otherwise you get sucked into a portal and are executed immediately after. The next monster that attacks Boyfriend (if you don't see him FAST) is called screech, identified by his small floating head, bug smile to attack, and two glowing eyeballs.

  16. Bro darnel's song LITTERALLY is isotope but darnel cover

  17. “Is heathers a cartoon?”
    Me:*dies of embarrassment*

  18. This man really said "I'm only good at cod and overwacth

  19. Govna, those repellent teeth smell like fish and chips. In doubtlessly bri ish 33:35

  20. Well fnf wasn't meant for younger audiences in the first place. Retrospecter made a whole thing about it after his mod got downplayed by a bunch of people (mainly kids). Trust me though there is much worse mods…

  21. 2011 i played wii sports and wii sports resort

  22. i can do that kinda shit. uhhh, fuggin make music and draw.

  23. Bro you like apex but not the br style? Try titanfall 2 it’s cheap as dirt and fun as hell, literally apex but cod with giant robots. Apex was based off it and its the most fun I’ve had with an fps in a long time

  24. saw ten seconds of the vid and instantly dived to the description to get the mod link, im a mess man💀

  25. Mordecai and Rigby could literally just rap, and somehow burst a whole in reality, and have to go off and fight a mayonnaise god with ketchup and BBQ ribs.

  26. The reason why “Philly [Nice]” remix was added was because of a joke the internet made after the pico week was released, As Boyfriend in week 3’s “Philly” says the phrase what sounds like he’s saying “Big Ol’ Bunny,” they referenced it to the Skarlet’s mod, Graffiti Groovin’.

  27. That intro lol

    Remember kids, if you are reading this, leave

  28. In the skarlet bunny mod, they added philly nice because at the beginning of the song, it sounds like they're saying "big ol' bunny"

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