FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod Opening Animation Corruption! -

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ mod Opening Animation Corruption!

Phantom Fear
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FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ mod Opening Animation Corruption!

This fnf week 8 mod now includes an anime opening style animation!
The fnf corruption mod adds a corrupt versions of bf, gf, pico, etc.

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The download will be available once the mod is completed!



Visual Credits:
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PhantomFear: Art + Animation:
Twitter: @PhantomFearOP

Yukizakura: Artist
Twitter: @yukizakura1126

Saracuni: Artist + Animation
Twitter: @sacuniUltimate

Dayanci: Artist
Twitter: @dayanci_

BlueGarden: Artist + Thumbnail Art
Twitter: @Oceanlight375

Song Name: “Corruption”
Music Credits:

Funnyleech: Arrangement, Vocalist, Bass Player, Keys Player
Dani Susatyo: Arrangement, Guitar Player
ZhafiraWildhania: Lyrics Writer
WillyJayasukma: Orch.Arranger
LunaticParfait: Producer

FridayNightFunkin by: Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, kawaisprite, evilsk8r

The support on these videos has been insane! Thank you everyone!
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  1. cool! does it has english version(whisper)🌚🌚🌚

  2. Guess you could say Lemon Demon is no longer an enemy…but that Jester guy.

  3. y pensar que este wey tomo la corrupcion y lo iso lore xD

  4. ok, we've got the opening. now we just need an anime lmfao

  5. On date 311/10 I think it will come out next week on October 31, I hope Phantom releases the mod quickly that I'm looking forward to

  6. I need a version with English lyrics

  7. Idk why i think this weird character is soul bf

  8. Yo siento que está muy sobrexplotado, debido a que mezclan muchas cosas haciéndolo ver muy forzado y la canción no combina

  9. I have to admit it This was absolutely amazing and unexpected but the lyrics was absolutely but phantom fear keep up the great work and I mean it also have god have mercy of you🙏🏼😊🥰

  10. And I still wonder to this day: When is it going to be released🤔

  11. 이게 내가아는 프나펑이 맞나?

  12. Had this on loop for hours, amazing song!!

  13. I feel like they are foreshadowing something “the harvest moon rises we will be free” I feel like 5he harvester is gathering souls to start the harvest moon to free everyone?

  14. Me pregunto que tan fuerte es Daddy actual mente🤔

  15. Jesus christ that is some COMMITMENT. Its been a good 2 years of you making these and they are still peak!

  16. まさか日本語の歌詞とは思わなんだ……ありがとうございます

    Japanese Lyrics



    ‘Til The Nexus chases you down
    Virus を避けて




    Let’s run away


    さぁ Get Ready To Fight!!

    CORRUPTION is breaking down our souls
    but 諦めない

    自分しか居ない to stay alive

    The harvest moon rises, we’ll be free
    so 僕に信じて



  17. me when it has taken 2 years to make and still isn't out

  18. "valió la espera de la intro?'

  19. Opening parecido al de anime pero con temática de fnf corruption

  20. friday night funkin corruption mod soul bf v: says:

    Cool friday night funkin corruption

  21. If they release a video of this op subtitled in Spanish I will make a cover of this gem, I really love it, the animation, the music, everything

  22. Whos next on to being saved

  23. Buena animación, 👍😎 like si crees lo mismo

  24. I don’t care how cool this looks, fnf is just about pressing notes on your keys until you’re bored enough to quit it, it’s easy to quit fnf. I have very low expectations for this mod. Just like all other mods. I already quit fnf, just seeing another mod makes me sick.
    I know fans are going to harass me with my opinions on fnf. Not everybody likes this game, keep that in mind fans.

  25. wait if pico was first and tankman was just one song……… DOSE THAT MEAN WE GETTING SPOOKY MONTH KID'S NEXT WEEK THAT'S BEING WORKED ON

  26. THIS IS SUCH A FUCKING BANGER FRFRFRFRFRFRFRF (i cant stop listening to this)

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