Friday Night Funkin' Mod Characters Reacts | Part 25 | Moonlight Cactus | -

Friday Night Funkin’ Mod Characters Reacts | Part 25 | Moonlight Cactus |

Moonlight Cactus
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Time Taken: 1 week

Screenshot and Screenrecording taken: 871

Subscriber Count on Upload: 174k


Credits + Timestamps:

00:00 Intro

00:11 Sonic – No Villains

3:04 Mario – Race Traitors

4:53 Alternate – Encounter

7:10 Auditor – Damnation

10:29 Flippy – Fury

13:37 Kapi – Scratch Post

16:21 Metro – Overtime

21:03 QT – Termination

26:30 Bambi – Phonophobia

29:55 Characters

31:01 Fanarts of the week

31:47 Outro


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  1. here is the suggestion for part 26

    twilight sparkle – dusk till dawn
    pinkie pie – cupcakes
    peppa pig – discovery glitch
    fangirl frenzy ( all of skys XD ) – fangirl frenzy
    rainbow dash.exe – revenge
    chaos nightmare – phantasm
    gingerbrave – sugar rush
    sally.exe – triple trouble
    animation fnf – stikin' to it

    here it is 🙂

  2. This is my suggestion
    Little man- little revenge
    Michael- angy
    Arrow- ghost Tapping
    Bandu- Sugar Rush
    Bot- error 404
    Smiler- technophobia
    Matt and Shaggy- Final Destination
    CG5- knock knock
    Thunder- Thunderstruck
    BF- Goodbye World
    Bob- EX jump out
    Ban- no friends
    Ron- EX Ronald McDonald slide

  3. Aflac
    Sonic dorkley
    Spamtom shaggy
    Trollface new update

  4. Suggestions: dave and bambi:devastation FULLY CHARTED. I can't think

  5. Bro you forgot to put racist in racist marios name

  6. I got idea what about the best spongrbob mod

  7. My ideas:
    Corrupted Phineas – Last Summer
    Finn – Hero
    Bamburg – Devastation
    Origin Badhu
    Girlfriend – Tug O War
    Sakuroma – Ectostatic

  8. Mommy long legs: special guest
    Bambi but creepy: hellbreaker
    Sart: sart producer
    XJ (jenny): XJ or giga you chose moon because you my no:1 fan

  9. 2 you to add moonlight cactus 1 add catalogue the song is enounter 2 add happiness trollge pls i dare

  10. Dave algebra class is a mod
    Song: algebra

  11. omnipotent bambi is the best bambi even white expunged is not enough to fight him because omnipotent bambi killed boyfreind in rap battle so hes the best character

  12. Moonlight you should add extermination but funni!

  13. Please do the taste for blood and talentless fox

  14. Part 21 Flashback:

    Sonic.exe: This song is 100% better than Sad Mouse.avi
    Mickey Mouse: *sad MayMays4Days noises

  15. Part 26:
    TGT: taste of blood
    MLL: special guest
    Twilight: dust till dawn
    Lord x: cycles
    PvsR: bloom n brainz
    D&B: triple phonebreaker

  16. do confrontation from secret histories mod

  17. Suggestions:

    Forth Wall – vs Scott cawthon
    Flashing Lights – vs Marionette
    Phantasm – Boyfriend/Corrupted Boyfriend

    These are my 3 suggestions, probably the only ones i can think of 🤣

  18. Suggestions for Part 26:
    Dave: Algebra
    Julian: Hungry
    Sanic.exe: Too Fest
    Bandu: Sugar Rush
    Shadow Got Trolled: Die B*stards
    Tord: The End
    Peppa Pig: Discovery Glitch
    Twilight Sparkle: Dusk Til Dawn

  19. Everyone in the room (besides 1) : GEEZ BAMBI WHAT THE HECK Mandela John : 👁️👁️

  20. Suggestions:
    Vs ben – confronting yourself
    Vs Ron – bleeding ( demo )

  21. Can u make a twilight sparkle charier and make them react to her song dusk till dawn also I love your videos❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Here is a character and song for part 26 rust 010 The song is called rust


  24. Btw this white babmi is hellscape bambi

  25. Can you do a video about your characters without adjustments?

  26. Will you start a series where Pibby characters react to their songs?!

  27. Ah yes bob just standing behind sonic very weird

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