Friday Night Funkin’ Mod || 🎶 PBJT SONG 🎵 - APRIL FOOLS DAY -

Friday Night Funkin’ Mod || 🎶 PBJT SONG 🎵 – APRIL FOOLS DAY

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So I’m still working on this mod with some friends but I wanted to pop in and give y’all another preview, though it’s kinda just me playing the monster level from the original… with a twist… 😳

April Fools!

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  1. The song vocals and monster looks funny lol

  2. I think Jake sobbing and crying to the beat is just hilarious

  3. the pure feeling of STRESS that this video emits

  4. How is Jake swearing and it still fits to the beat? Incredible quality I say.

  5. Is it only me or did anyone else hear peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat a couple times 😅

  6. damn this was uploaded 20 smthn minutes ago- ive never been this early

  7. I need a version where all the beeps are replaced with Jake swearing.

  8. Yo man, can you slip the peanut butter and jelly time song from this vid please? This shit slaps hard as much you were slapping your keyboard keys

  9. hey whose the lady on the speakers :l

  10. Can you just remix this song with your swears and tears? Your pain was still in rhythm.

  11. I feel like lemon demon singing Peanut Butter Jelly Time is more terrifying than him just singing Monster normally tbh

  12. Wait is it a remix of peanut butter jelly time

  13. Wait, if he is gay that mean he is the "best friend" and NOT the "boyfriend"

  14. This video makes me want to eat peanut butter jelly sandwiches but i dont know why… 😳

  15. E if this was keyboard on mobile I would most likely have a chance to beat this and this sick

  16. I like in this jakeneutron sounds like the guy who was holding the burning pot while swearing and hit his head in the chandelier

  17. now we need a shitiverse future mod to please the world

  18. Jake crying to the beat sounds like he's accidentally injuring himself while listening to music and i love it

  19. Такое существует песня кстати где вы такую песня нашли 😲Я знаю как вы зробили🤫 я сам могу но звуку так не могу стрелочки могу ставить

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