Friday Night Funkin' : Minuschrome FC (Hard) but sung by T.C. and Cold Gold - He needs a blanket -

Friday Night Funkin’ : Minuschrome FC (Hard) but sung by T.C. and Cold Gold – He needs a blanket

Tactical Cupcakes
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So, the Snow on Mt. Silver reskin’s sprites got updated, and whilst I had wanted to cover that version’s new remix, I wasn’t able to get a moment to transcribe the MIDI. However, I thought it’d be cool to revisit Minuschrome, since that’s a great remix in its own right, as well as test out a Blake voicebank.

I sampled Blake’s syllables from the provided Chromatic. My voice track was helpfully made by @Doroido Ruiドロイドルイ .

Blake Sprites:
First person Mic:

Muted Melodies: Vs. Tactical Cupcakes:

Google Drive Link:

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Be sure to check me out on Discord too!

Check out the LORE page on TV Tropes:
Commonly used Asset credits:

Casual and Christmas Sarvente sheets were drawn by myself, using Amazein-G’s remaster as a base: . My edits aren’t downloadable right now.

Chill Sky/Skylar was designed by myself, and animated by @AJTheFunky.

@Doroido Rui and @Sakurakoto provided animation help with some of my sheets.

Voicebanks come from Myself, @GenoX, @AJTheFunky, and @Blantados.
If present, I voiced the following:
Sweetheart (OMORI)
Canary Mary
Cassandra (Schoolyard Scuffle)
Aoki (Friendly, Speaking voice)
Mari (OMORI)
Aubrey (OMORI)
Sunny (OMORI)
Basil (OMORI
Kazuki (Weeg)
Chill Sky/ Skylar

Senpai voiced by:

Icons for Senpai from Friday Night Inverted, by Kitcaaaaato

Emotion boxes are inspired by OMORI’s emotion status conditions, remastered by myself.

Most opening cutscenes use songs from the OMORI OST.

Cutscenes are made with the Friday Night Fever engine:

Friday Night Funkin’ is by:


  1. how he just collapsed at da end was sad fr))

  2. Me when my mom doesn't turn on the heater:

  3. I love how Blake is spending his time rap battling some random person and not trying to get warm

  4. Dat man is cold, someone give a blanket and some hot cocoa and a leg

  5. He has 5 names Ethan,Gold,Mount Silver,Blake and lost silver

  6. I'm waiting for minuschrome v2

  7. there's a word where he said play muted melodies

  8. fun fact I understand those unknown languages

  9. Dang it’s only 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1 degrees , he sfibe

  10. Gold: you feeling ok Blake…..*looks at him in the eyes because the cold got to him and he passed out*…*places a cup of hot chocolate next to him*

  11. bro doesn’t know how to use hand friction to heat up.

  12. The part where gold collapse on the ground was legendary

  13. "It's cold, give me a dang blanket already."

  14. Thumbnail: should've brought soem glovesMe: dude you have lost an eye and leg and you knew you were going to a cold place and now you are saying that?

  15. Where did you get the midi/flp for Minuschrome?

  16. Good.Also get that boy a blanket.

  17. Someone: You dropped your pocketGold: Oh shi- Really?

  18. welp if he is alive and heavenly injured SAVE HIM ALREADY!( i still want to see some mod like "mount silver but gold survived")

  19. "I should've brought some gloves" YEAH, YOU SHOULD'VE.

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