Friday Night Funkin' : Minuschrome FC (Hard) but sung by T.C. and Cold Gold - He needs a blanket -

Friday Night Funkin’ : Minuschrome FC (Hard) but sung by T.C. and Cold Gold – He needs a blanket

Tactical Cupcakes
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So, the Snow on Mt. Silver reskin’s sprites got updated, and whilst I had wanted to cover that version’s new remix, I wasn’t able to get a moment to transcribe the MIDI. However, I thought it’d be cool to revisit Minuschrome, since that’s a great remix in its own right, as well as test out a Blake voicebank.

I sampled Blake’s syllables from the provided Chromatic. My voice track was helpfully made by @Doroido Ruiドロイドルイ .

Blake Sprites:
First person Mic:

Muted Melodies: Vs. Tactical Cupcakes:

Google Drive Link:

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Check out the LORE page on TV Tropes:
Commonly used Asset credits:

Casual and Christmas Sarvente sheets were drawn by myself, using Amazein-G’s remaster as a base: . My edits aren’t downloadable right now.

Chill Sky/Skylar was designed by myself, and animated by @AJTheFunky.

@Doroido Rui and @Sakurakoto provided animation help with some of my sheets.

Voicebanks come from Myself, @GenoX, @AJTheFunky, and @Blantados.
If present, I voiced the following:
Sweetheart (OMORI)
Canary Mary
Cassandra (Schoolyard Scuffle)
Aoki (Friendly, Speaking voice)
Mari (OMORI)
Aubrey (OMORI)
Sunny (OMORI)
Basil (OMORI
Kazuki (Weeg)
Chill Sky/ Skylar

Senpai voiced by:

Icons for Senpai from Friday Night Inverted, by Kitcaaaaato

Emotion boxes are inspired by OMORI’s emotion status conditions, remastered by myself.

Most opening cutscenes use songs from the OMORI OST.

Cutscenes are made with the Friday Night Fever engine:

Friday Night Funkin’ is by:


  1. R.i.p GoldEdit: I think its gold

  2. He loses limbs because of frostbite and it turns black

  3. I'm gonna say this is MY FAVORITE SONG

  4. gold has my face expression when hes sad when i can't find the phone

  5. Please tell me the midi or something is available somewhere? This is crucial information. Also good job, this is great.

  6. Give gold some blanket, HES freezing to death

  7. Give this man a electric blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, all the chicken soup in the house and a fire place.Also some medical attention for those wounds, can you imagine going numb to your lost EYE and Leg and having to feel the pain all over again when you get warm again.

  8. its ok gold you can take my phone after 24 hours of genshin impact

  9. Can we just recognise that this person is standing on one leg and not even struggling to

  10. LollipopHead James(FNFXTEAM UMIZOOMI MULTIVERSES) says:

    Cool animation on gold

  11. Didn't you say the Minus Monochrome song was glitched for the 1s typing thing

  12. This voice works so well! The new sprites is amazing too! (And noalglic of one of my top 3 all time favorite creepypastas along with prevention of evolution and jessica.) I remember desprite being a girl i always picked the boy because gold's sprite always looked awesome to me on soul silver.

  13. I like this song as well as the minus gold mod. But unfortunately I’ve heard the creator (unii) have some drama 🙁

  14. Amazing cover! The new animations actually feel more realistic, especially the animation changes to add the emotion! Amazing work like usual, TC!

  15. Aww, where's my deep voiced boy- wait… that depth he had in the original emphathises the fact Goldie's a ghost… (did I even spell this right?)
    Still love and lots of empathy

  16. did you use utau, if so then G I B U S T ITS SO FRICKING GOOD

  17. i think he needed gloves and a blanket guys

  18. Give that poor boy a blanket for gosh sake!

  19. Woooow🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤯🤯🤯🤯the awesome rap battle and best song

  20. Put that lad next to a fireplace with some chicken noodle soup.

    Great video, always love seeing a new one from you pop up.

  21. Interesting fact: When a person gets too cold, they temporarily get memory loss.

  22. me: gives gold warm close a blanket and gloves "here"

  23. the hoomies after you forgot to give them blankets

  24. I just love the down arrow pose, because he looks like "oh shit, I'm not feeling my phone in the pocket"

  25. song starts
    Mount silver:*starts rapping with traumatic experience*

  26. Anyone got a link to the sound font for the Cold gold?

  27. This man is freezing and your raping

    Give him a damn blanket

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