Friday Night Funkin' is BACK and there's a CORYXKENSHIN MOD (Part 5) -

Friday Night Funkin’ is BACK and there’s a CORYXKENSHIN MOD (Part 5)

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…this video is a result of my hype levels being unchecked.

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Outro By:
– Animation

KrpticUnknown – Beat


PO BOX 3089
Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


#coryxkenshin #FridayNightFunkin #Week7


  1. I bet Cory’s log in password for everything is up down up down

  2. am i the only who saw that the cory ing the fnf mod HAS A FREAKING KATANA !?

  3. I want you on YouTube every single day because you are very amazing

  4. Mommy mommy daddy daddy mommy mommy daddy mommy papa daddybaby daddy

  5. The first one and the second one are the best

  6. Cory be havin the most lit intro for Friday night funkin

  7. I like how he put the daft punks anime when he was singin

  8. You have to help new grounds because when I played the mods I found this cool mod what I wanted for a long time it was called boy versus girl mod

  9. I am a big fan my birthday is November the 9th

  10. Feel like this came out yesterday, I remember rocking in my bed to the songs and laughing at Corys humor, I love this video to infinity and beyond

  11. Well this is going to be in the top I'm telling you get all the and you're going to be on Friday night pumpkin Cory kitchen boy you can a bunk in I don't think you're in the mods getting out here again the garage I don't think you're in the corner kitchen team that you're in fire function we just lost the whole thing I'm not watching you ever again so get out of my way up standing but you are going to get a rest don't get out of my weight on my face get out of here just like taste and you might look like a mace though you look like a roach so get out of my mama's face if you can't do it then draw your stuff and if you can be your mama are your mama I'll take her I'll take her down and put them into a stir when you store it up I'll take it up breathe sip it on down and turn it in your knees and your knees going to get up no no ways I'm getting a car no no no no no one does know how you go if you go just say no and I'm telling you no no no no no no no no no I'm not doing this ever again so no I've been showing you what have you done you're not in our team get out fighting hunting dumb I'm never ever going to play Friday night pumpkin spit out of here I'm never your fan ever again and if you are here next when it's your birthday I'm never you giving a guess so kids me out your birthday is down your birthday smells like garbage and your mama smell like crown and will break your heart by taking that hard button and turn into a box and when I see one of your videos I'm going to turn like them down so get out my face and be happy good times are good for bad people and you might be playing some Friday pumpkin then that means you'll turn into a pumpkin in your bank smells like OD then call your mama and turn into a t and when it's going to get warmed up drink it all up until you turn into a duck

  12. At 2:55 when Stella,Octave, Baryl ,and arpegius from intersella 5555 it looked like they were actually playing the song.


  14. i just pplayed this mod
    and dude its soo sick!

  15. Cory you should play the big brother mod

  16. Tank man is literally a guy with clones to protect him and to serve him and also a guy who needs to kill some girl bc he’s jelly

  17. I saw forever neene in the end trailer

  18. Please Cory get some help GET SOME FU- know what never mind

  19. I’m literally recording the bars and putting them on my music channel

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