Friday Night Funkin': Hypno's Lullaby - Death Toll (Shiny Version) -

Friday Night Funkin’: Hypno’s Lullaby – Death Toll (Shiny Version)

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Title: “Death Toll (Shiny Version)”
Original Artist: Punkett

Origin: Friday Night Funkin’: Hypno’s Lullaby
Thumbnail Credit: rivermusic_
Track Credit: @breakfastsbest
Visualizer Credit: @breakfastsbest, rivermusic_

Here’s the next Shiny Hypno song you guys voted for, Death Toll! I’m not nearly as happy with this as I was with Isotope or am with many of the others, but I think it’s an alright listen still! Functionally, this song would have been similar to FNF’s Erect difficulty, or Encore from Vs. Sonic.exe, they had a *chance* of appearing at some point in the mod, but we never reached a definitive decision about it. Regardless, these will be popping up from time to time for your enjoyment, I’m really proud of some of them! Hopefully you guys will enjoy it too!

Thank you for your time, enjoy the music and have a fantastic day.


  1. Imagine if he do dissension shiny that would be incredible

  2. I cant tell you how much I love this song and when I heard this remix I loved it even more

  3. i was thinking about this the other day and i was so hyped when i saw it on my home page just now

  4. I love how Hell Bell sings a lot more in this song awesome work!

  5. this sounds even more like a final boss got damn!

  6. Is shiny basically the encore version for Hypnos lullaby?

  7. DAMN, what a BANGER!! Love it a ton!! Excellent work!!

  8. Imagine if Endless Shiny version exists, unfortunately.. the world may never know


  10. This is a solid remix to listen to Ngl

    The only real downside is the transition doesn’t feel as smooth

  11. I like it but I think the backing music is way too loud compared to the "singers." They get completely drowned out for me.

  12. wow only 2389 encounters! yeah i did the joke again even tho it wasnt funny the first time

  13. wow shiny is SOOOOOOOOOOO HARDDDDDDD agrrr dead

  14. Love the extension. Wow, you even replaced Left Unchecked with Missingno.

  15. does that mean the bronzong will be normal

  16. I do wonder if SimplyCrispy will collab with the original composers on some of the shiny remixes.

    But overall a great remixe as always

  17. Just now seeing this but all I honestly say is that this legit is an absolute BOP to listen to all the way through like gosh dang dude.


  19. love this
    could you publish an instrumental version aswell?

  20. I’m guessing Shiny Versions are the Encore of Hypno’s Lullaby?

  21. Classic Crisp W making the best remixes possible

  22. I have been waiting for this, it turned really great, keep up the good work man!

  23. Bruh the bell is already shiny in the creepypasta

  24. This was sick! I'm so glad you did this song!

  25. Foe when monochrome shyny mix? We need monochrome

  26. “this is a toll, kid, i dont see your ez pass.”

  27. Wow! This version really adds more "Slide" to it, and this version seems more smooth and less intense, amazing work! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. While I do like the original better this is still really good! I’m looking forward to your next shiny remixes (if you ever do more)

  29. maybe the real Lullaby was the Death Toll we made along the way

  30. This sounds decent but still isn't good as the original

  31. I like how the Left Unchecked Motif is changed to Missingn0

  32. My dude…. My bro…. My main man….

    I'm gonna have a heart attack if this kind of quality keeps getting achieved in each "Shiny Version". XD

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