Friday Night Funkin Gameplay (No Commentary) Let's Get Funky!!! -

Friday Night Funkin Gameplay (No Commentary) Let’s Get Funky!!!

Dark Matter
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Hello Everyone Today I bring You A Gameplay of Friday Night Funkin, a rythm music based game. think of DDRP, but instead of using the foot pads, you use your arrow keys. anyways watch me as I have no rythm in my fingers XD

Friday Night Funkin,
Friday Night Funkin Gameplay
Friday Night Funkin No Commentary


  1. Why he doing easy for week one thats too basic for me

  2. I'm just gonna come here and ask you if you are still working on UT CF,SR? I am sorry if this is rude because it don't have anything to do with the video, just want to check about that but don't know where should I ask

  3. Does anyone else hear the background saying Jamaica Jamaica?

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