Friday Night Funkin [FNF] VS Trevor Henderson Creatures (Siren Head Funkin) Minecraft PE -

Friday Night Funkin [FNF] VS Trevor Henderson Creatures (Siren Head Funkin) Minecraft PE

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It’s time for Trevor Henderson creatures to get funkin when the Trevor Henderson creatures battle the Friday Night Funkin Characters. Who will win? Find out!

00:47 – Dad and Mom VS Hugger
01:32 – Boyfriend and Girlfriend VS Yoyo
02:15 – Lemon Demon VS Nurpo
02:35 – Lemon Demon VS Milk Walker
03:02 – Friday Night Funkin VS TOTL
03:59 – Friday Night Funkin VS Siren Head
05:22 – Friday Night Funkin Vs Cartoon Cat
06:34 – Friday Night Funkin VS Trevor Henderson Creatures

Trevor Henderson Creatures VS Evil Nun 2 VS Granny [SCARY BATTLE] Minecraft PE

Friday Night Funkin [FNF] VS Five Nights at Freddy’s [FNAF] (Friday Nights at Freddy’s) Minecraft PE

Trevor Henderson by SC MZM Guy

Bendythedemon18 addon:


Friday Night Funkin by Arathnidogamer:

Music: Lucky Day – Jingle Punks Music provided by No Copyright


  1. Lol they only need siren head or any giant

  2. Why are day 17 and days on the cover

  3. Friday night funkin: hey Godzilla
    Me: hi
    Girlfriend mom: hey man
    Me: what’s up
    Girlfriend mom: good
    Me: holly gees
    Friday night funkin: what’s
    Me: Trevor hendson!
    Friday night funkin: WHAT AHHHHH
    Me: don’t worry 😉 I have power
    Girlfriend: ok?
    Boyfriend: I will help you Godzilla
    Me: ok

  4. matan amis favoritos los odiooooooooooooo

  5. trevor henderson did not win because the other team could not attack some creatures of trevor henderson

  6. This is old friday night funkin v1 make v4 hatsun miku vs trevor handrson

  7. A game play for game play games game play for games and game play
    The new update.

  8. Try 40 golems vs Trevor creatures

  9. Take that lemon demon your cousin the cartoon cat is going to kill you

  10. Siren head
    ada cartoon cat
    ada Siren head 2 vs the same time

  11. Вы модовых персонажей забали

  12. Ada nya siren head extra slide slenderman cartoon dog ada brige worm

  13. Sssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrttttteeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn head

  14. Lol there is nightmare puppet that is fnaf

  15. hey cool what story sirn head and cartoon cat scp 001 the gate guardian

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