Friday Night Funkin Fake Week 8 4chan Leak - Song 2 -

Friday Night Funkin Fake Week 8 4chan Leak – Song 2

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Some theories said the chart is bad but, the sprites can be real, I have no proof but, since it’s seems everyone treat it like fake, im gonna do it to not have a lot of comments full of, “it’s fake”.

I didn’t make this, credits are anonymous for now if I get more informations, I will credits the originals creators but, for now we only know it’s from 4chan.

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  1. No it has to be real. Kawai leaked a piece of this song 9 months ago on Twitter

  2. Je connais j'ai déjà vu et c'est fake mais sinon merci à toi

  3. I hope the sprites are actually real or used in a mod because they look so good and it would be bad to waste such a masterpiece on fake leaks.

  4. Im gonna put a stop to this Ok Someone's Gotta say This. Those Sprites And Music Aren't Official. The artist who made the FANMADE. Sprites Even came out On twitter Deconfirming them I Even Have Screenshots Of them sayinf they Aren't real from tweets posted a few days ago Cut The Bullshit out already.

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