Friday Night Funkin Fake Week 8 4chan Leak - Song 1 -

Friday Night Funkin Fake Week 8 4chan Leak – Song 1

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Some theories said the chart is bad but, the sprites can be real, I have no proof but, since it’s seems everyone treat it like fake, im gonna do it to not have a lot of comments full of, “it’s fake”.

I didn’t make this, credits are anonymous for now if I get more informations, I will credits the originals creators but, for now we only know it’s from 4chan.

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  1. yo, turns out the sprites were real, idk about the music tho im pretty sure thats fake

  2. Thank you for providing this beautiful masterpeice for my ears.Subscribing

  3. Darnell sounds he snorted 100 pounds of coccaine

  4. This is like when week 6 and 7 were getting leaks and teasers.

  5. Pico vocals are fucking awesome , i dont know who compose those , but it sounds like the original pico voice from da game , damn

  6. man
    fake or not
    this song's sick as hell man

  7. this cant be real cause it doesnt sound good like the other weeks and this is worse than any other mod's songs. no way we waited a year just for this

  8. the only good thing in this song is Pico's vocals

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