Friday Night Funkin' EVIL Boyfriend (animated) -

Friday Night Funkin’ EVIL Boyfriend (animated)

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New FNF Animation based on Blantados mixs!

Another FNF music video:

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  1. Omg Ultra Instinct Bf , Shaggy would be proud of him XD

  2. Instead of fighting eachother more they decided to work togther

  3. Can’t wait for the next Goku x Superman x Saitama!

  4. This channel will be called FNF anime, with so many videos of just this game

  5. I'll just pretend I understand:

    First the boyfriend tries to end the corruption to make everyone go back to normal and even his state and after he seems to have won her he lets her possess him?
    Just one question: has he become even more powerful after that he did?
    Is that good or evil?

  6. I wonder if there be any more Friday Smash videos.😏

  7. Turns out Boyfriend is trying to conquer his smoking addiction.

  8. I'm just taking a moment to think about it, it makes ABSURDLY SENSICAL what the boyfriend did because if he showed corruption that she doesn't need to be like that and keep consuming everyone she sees in front of her they could be one and be IMBATIVE and of course in this center the two of them would end up having problems at some point so somehow the boyfriend could return the favor he ended up doing for her in some way without having to but cause lastration out there what do you think?I know that all of this is just a hypothesis, it's not a ten-point theory, but it's also a fact to think about because the creator of the mod may have done this without us thinking about what he has demonstrated, but after this animation I think my mind exploded

  9. Also The Canon Bf has Hyper Form
    But that form is Not Ultra instinct

  10. Now I have a good reason for him to be considered my favorite after all this

  11. I take back everything I doubted about corruption like this

  12. I like the videos very much. A Big Fan of You.

  13. Your animations are the best!!!! If i have to describe the things that i like of your animations, i will needed one million sheets of paper to describe it!!!!

  14. How come his evil boyfriend form looks like a A Man on the Internet

  15. This was a good animation holllllyyyyyyyyyyy

  16. Have did it was ultra instinct Boyfriend

  17. Hi animtoons I loved your animation already that I love this week 😁

  18. Yeah … Hm… I don't think that Soul Bf wanted to enter in boyfriend's body

  19. And wtf happened on the end of the video-

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