Friday Night Funkin': Dusty Drops - Mod Showcase -

Friday Night Funkin’: Dusty Drops – Mod Showcase

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(NO REUPLOAD ON ANY OTHER PLATFORM, Other is ok if you credit me currectly)

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So, Finally I made my OWN Mod!!!! It’s related by DustTale, not Friday Night Dustin’. I heard some of songs a several years ago, and I decided the one as my favorite, and its mane was Dusty Drops. I pretty liked that, and suddenly I thought “What if I made this track into a mod??”. it was quite successful. I hope you enjoy what we prepared. Thanks



Music, Almost every sprite making, Charting, Event Setting – Me

Coding assistance(Making custom events) – EDM

Original composer of Dusty Drops – M E G A


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  1. Im so sorry for low quality videoEdit- Origin of Dusty Drops fnf track: 2 – I found some user went through some bugs about character change events, I gonna try to fix that bugs and update soonly (maybe)

  2. 나오면 바로 리뷰해야지

  3. Very cool! I really liked the call back to judgement hall. I hope too see more particulars in the future!^^

  4. This is really cool!

    Also, are we going to get this song uploaded by itself soon?

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