Friday Night Funkin' Duo Pack (Duet Mod) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Duo Pack (Duet Mod)

Lord Scout
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  1. This was fun to play with my friend on the multiplayer mod

  2. Your mode is cool! cant wait when you do more weeks ! <3

  3. Can you do a video on how to downlaod it? I'm kinda having trouble :')

  4. Can you make a tutorial for put the mod? Please

  5. my final score on blammed on hard mode is

  6. Cocoa is broken, aka the chart doesn't fully load and it's just memorization: the game

  7. Can’t even do the dad battle on easy mode….

  8. The ones with Pico are the best so far. Never feels like thier audio is overlapping one another, sounds natural.

  9. the mod works very well but my game is very laggy and for some reason it's zoomed in? not sure if you can help with that tho.. but yeah, the mods great!

  10. This mod was amazing, although the part in M.I.L.F where she spams hard is incredibly difficult, considering I use only one hand

  11. Hey how do I install this? Which file do I put it in?

  12. Duo mod + multiplayer mode, a true Battle

  13. I hate that he added motion blur to the arrows, it’s giving me motion sickness cause of the motion blur with slow arrows.

  14. how do you combine this with some other mod i would like to know bc i'm trying to combine this with the CG5 mod if you can tell me how pls do

  15. Congrats on getting famous lord scout but you didn't fucking 1v1 me on ppt yet you took so long I transitioned to using a different tetris client

  16. I cannot download it because its not zip. So yeah im sad.

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