Friday Night Funkin Characters In Real Life Part 5 -

Friday Night Funkin Characters In Real Life Part 5

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this is a part 5 of friday night funkin characters in real life
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enjoy this video!
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  1. I was loving garcello until he showed his eye 👁

  2. Las peores imitaciones de fnf dirás 🤣🤣🤣

  3. sempai en la vida real me da pensamiento de que es gei

  4. ta bonita las ropas me gusto el de ruv y senpai👍

  5. First of all ruv is not white
    Second of all tricky doesn't wear these clothes
    Third of all gracelli never shows his eyes

  6. I want to go sell a mod what's the most violent cough

  7. There actually is a real life senpai. Anyone remember the guy on judge judy. Ya konw? The meme. If you dont know it look it up.

  8. el mod que me gusto fue el de Ruv i Garcello por sierto tanbien el de Senpai 😉espero que el canal cresca mas para ver mas videos como este sigue asi para llegar alos 1000k ok 🤗

  9. Lol i just noticed that senpai is useing a purse for the backpack lol

  10. Girlfriend:smacking her head in to the wall

  11. Ruv:(Waking Up And Watching Something On TV While Making His Coffee ☕)
    Sarvente:Hi Ruv
    Sarvente:What Are Watching
    Ruv:Watching Your Second Phase 2 Song
    Sarvente:Can I Watch
    Ruv:No I Don't Mind
    Sarvente:Okay Let's See What's On TV
    Ruv:I Was Gonna Finish Watching It
    Sarvente:Don't Worried About It.You Can Still Watch It On YouTube
    Ruv:What's A YouTube
    Sarvente:Oh It's A Thing That You Uploaded A Video To Your YouTube Channel And Get More Likes And Veiws
    Sarvente:Here Why Don't We Upload A Video If You Don't Mind

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