Friday Night Funkin' Chaos Nightmare - Sonic vs Fleetway | Phantasm Song (FNF Mod/Hard) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Chaos Nightmare – Sonic vs Fleetway | Phantasm Song (FNF Mod/Hard)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Chaos Nightmare, Sonic vs Fleetway Sonic Sings Phantasm Song for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. GARBIE PATTIE – Director:
Biddle3 – Composer of Phantasm:

This time we have Sonic fighting his inner deeper who is Fleetway but Fleetway is too strong and the only way Sonic can control him is by rap battling. I’m just going to assume that this takes place in the sonic.exe 2.0 universe, fanmade of course. Will Sonic be able to break free or will he let Fleetway control his body? Let’s find out. This song is too good, I feel like it should be added to Sonic.exe 2.5 update!

Chaos Nightmare – Sonic Vs. Fleetway Download:

Game Note by ItoSaihara: Sonic fights his inner demons during one of his nightmares, and those demons might look familiar… This mod was done in less two days! Garbo came up with an idea, and a team of peeps from Team Quiver decided to lend a hand, with Biddle3 as a special guest! She composed “Phantasm”, and was a sweetheart to work with. You can do what you want with the FLAs, .sai2, or the FLP for this, as long as you credit us, specifically EverythingGarbo, Jayythunder, ItoSaihara and Biddle3.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Sonic vs Fleetway Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation | Fleetway Miss Animations
00:16 Which Sonic is better?
00:28 Week / Song List
00:35 Phantasm Song (Sonic vs Fleetway
01:11 Fleetway Takes Over
01:36 Sonic Fights Back
02:24 I’m Losing Control
02:35 Fleetway tries to take over
03:00 Best Part
03:34 Ending
03:43 Credits
03:54 Sonic Miss Animations
04:04 Outro – CommunityGame

In FNF Fleetway has appeared in many mods such as Sonic.exe, endless cycle, and so on.

Mod Creators for Chaos Nightmare Sonic vs Fleetway below:
Chaos Nightmare – Sonic vs Fleetway Download:

GARBIE PATTIE – Director, Sprite and Icon Artist and Animator:

ItoSaihara – Background and Misc. Artist:

JayyThunder – Sprite Support:

LuckyPuppet – Charter:

Biddle3 – Composer of “Phantasm”:

Murasaki_ – Programmer:

HayseedHere – Made the Sonic Chromatic:

Jacaris – Fleetway Voice Actor, and made the Chromatic:

Jason Griffith – Voice of Sonic:

Yabo – Gave the Game Over Idea:

ito’s mom – hi mom!:

Shadow Mario – Coder:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2021)
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  1. I still wonder sonice has a swished foot

  2. I draw this really good I promise there’s more shadows

  3. Try the pghlfilms phantasm version it exists

  4. Y yale pony la telesion de Sonic y Bob esponja

  5. This is a banger to listen to, imagine this in a full week!

  6. Maybe fleetway stops if sonic doesn't have any rings left

  7. Ahh que bueno es sonic se sacrifica por nosotros para mantener a su super fletway en su mente para que no nos mate sonic gracias tu sacrificio valdrá la pena :, c

  8. What instead of fleetway sonic… it was sonic exe.?

  9. cant you just miss almost every note as fleetway to give normal sonic an advantage?

  10. Is it me or the design look like from the comics

  11. The most saddest part is that he’s by hiself so he cant get saved

  12. I just realized most of the instrumental is a refrence to Sundays Marx

  13. this just went viral the day a few months after it's release

  14. Fun fact: konuri made a skin pack with him and youtube, noice! Btw check it, its a banger

  15. Happy Anniversary To you Lot more about it

  16. Sonic and fleetway is in a different body by Super Sonic & Sonic are in 1 Body

  17. I like sonic movies so that’s why I watched it

  18. I like this mod really much i will rate this mod a 10000000/10!

  19. i like sonic so i sub to you cause i like sonic👍


  21. 💕💕😎😎💕💕😎😎💕😎😎😎😎😎😎

  22. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡¿ijtdtyrf?

  23. fleetway is an official sonic character from the uk sonic comics. there if your trivia The original exe.

  24. en el juego que yo tengo es la mitad de cada uno

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