Friday Night Funkin', but the Internet Dinosaur Takes My WiFi... -

Friday Night Funkin’, but the Internet Dinosaur Takes My WiFi…

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What’s up guys, PghLFilms with another video here and TODAY!!! We are playing friday night funkin’ internet down. Enjoy the video. 🙂

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  1. Right I have b. You are not yet just a reminder that we have a game fnf pow pow wow

  2. I think that if boyfriend press down, In my mind, Boyfriend will cry.

  3. i dont know dinosaures could rap

  4. Linksys Wi-Fi: Logo Strobe

    ME: (been pixelated)

  5. bro nobody make a remastered version, i want to make the remastered version where the icons are more pixelated and the arrows are also more pixelated

  6. PghL: Everything’s so pixelated!

    Senpai: am I a joke to you?

  7. Him: did it turn night time
    Me: u can clearly see the sun in the background 😑

  8. These guys took the game from the no internet into a mod of a Friday night pumpkin

  9. Aidan Williams Everything gaming vlogs and more says:

    this is week 6 in a nutshell

  10. Strange and misterios the dinosaur is swing his tail then the Dino is refreshing that's why it's yawning

  11. If you turn off the wifi your gonna play a dinosaur game just press the space

  12. I wish there was a Mario mod where ur Mario Luigi or any other hero rapping against enemy’s

  13. PghL: well that raps it out
    me: imma go rap now bai (im not an irl rapper im just a teen lol)

  14. I just had explosive diarrhea and now I feel good cause of PGHLfilms

  15. At 1:37 i thought my computer was lagging and i said MOM CAN YOU PLS FIX THIS COMPUTER AGAIN ITS LAGGING but it was just the mod not my computer

  16. 8 O Dievas gali jus apipilti visokeriopomis malonėmis, kad visuomet ir visais atžvilgiais būtumėte aprūpinti ir galėtumėte dosniai imtis bet kokio gero darbo, (‭2 Korintiečiams‬ ‭9‬:‭8‬ LBD-EKU)

  17. Me: watching this video…
    My dad: the internet is gonna go down in a bit! know what? Perfect timing

  18. Fun fact: if you play the dinosaur game on pc and press the down key the dino will crouch

  19. I'm assuming FNF is an offline game if you download it but I'm not exactly sure

  20. GabrielsChannel Aka Best Animator :) says:

    The music is cool and i like it and the fact it trun NIGHT pixelllllll

  21. if I knew how to make a Friday night funkin game I would add dinosaurs triceratops stegosaurus ankylosaurus T. rex spino and mapu and deinosuchus and raptors and brachio and wuerho and some other dinos like maybe tenotosaurus

  22. Internet: is happy
    Aslo the internet is down: ima head out

  23. This is very cute the no internet dinosaur is very cute

  24. POV:you are playing fnf but the I ternet is down

  25. Its funny how there's cactuses in the background and the dinosaur isn't dieing

  26. So this mod is pretty unique cuz maybe you actually need your internet connection off

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