Friday Night Funkin' but GENSHIN 不 -

Friday Night Funkin’ but GENSHIN 不

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Just made for fun not gonna make mod

Here’s original Game Link !

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  1. Everyone talking about sweet home alabama Aether and Lumine (also me as well) while I'm looking at Aether having PTSD when he got the arrow wrong.. poor harem protagonist Aether.

  2. Fun idea: make 2 male characters the battling people and Lumine the girlfriend to create a harem of the 2 males battling for her. Most recommended Childe and Xiao lmfao

  3. Aether: Raps
    Lumine: Hee-Hee
    Aether's Harem after seeing Aether Rap: And The Crowd Goes Wild!

  4. You should named the title
    Friday night genshin
    It would've been better :^

  5. I ngl want to make a mod where you play as Venti

  6. hey is anyone found phut hon but lumine version?

  7. this is a gimnaeng video
    without a scream

  8. Klee likes the look of this game!! Is it on IPad??

  9. Fun fact: Aether and Lumine are dimensional travelers

  10. I always play gensin inpack bc i 13 year old

  11. Genshin impact, but the 2 siblings finally escaped the endless world and went to a different story.

  12. I dont think this is right- the siblings are the couple

  13. 湊掠 潺庖 渠陷窸塞
    圉收 鴘澎憔諯賈 諡 篞趟曰陬~!

  14. I love how this insinuates lumine is aether's girlfriend <33

  15. 1. Thanks for volunteer to cording but i did all by myself lol

    however , VERY THANK you

    2. i didn't make sound cuz i thought BF has only 4 voice and mix it on all of songs

    but it wasn't lol . If i want change BF in my voice, then i record all of the song again

    3. i will not make Genshin Mod , as you know Lumine and Aether aren't i created originally

    They from Mihoyo lol , so if i make Genshin Mod and upload somewhere , it might bring some

    issues to me

    Just look for fun lol Thanks for watching

    窸 諤穇國 諈刺 諤穇域 謔禺 木 寢渥潤渥 諈魁蛟 賵鴥潰 穈秒拘

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