Friday Night Funkin' : Bara no yume GFC (Hard) but sung by Skylar, Ski, and Sky - Looks more purple -

Friday Night Funkin’ : Bara no yume GFC (Hard) but sung by Skylar, Ski, and Sky – Looks more purple

Tactical Cupcakes
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I had originally wanted to have SkyBlue over Sky, but wasn’t able to find any sprites for her, so went with regular Sky instead.

Skylar’s my design, Voiced by myself and with animation help from @AjtheFunky and @Lillian Craig. She appears in My mod, Muted Melodies:

The Sky design on the left, as well as Ski, are by @Bluefrok . Their mod is here: . I made the voicebanks by sampling their chromatic scales.

Ski’s been edited to resemble Skylar here. Skilor :]

Song is “Bara no yume”, from Doki Doki Takeover:

Background was originally by myself, but HEAVILY revamped/improved by Lillie.


Muted Melodies: Vs. Tactical Cupcakes:

Google Drive Link:

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Check out the LORE page on TV Tropes:
Commonly used Asset credits:

Casual and Christmas Sarvente sheets were drawn by myself, using Amazein-G’s remaster as a base: . My edits aren’t downloadable right now.

Chill Sky/Skylar was designed by myself, and animated by @AJTheFunky.

@Doroido Rui and @Sakurakoto provided animation help with some of my sheets.

Voicebanks come from Myself, @GenoX, @AJTheFunky, and @Blantados.
If present, I voiced the following:
Sweetheart (OMORI)
Canary Mary
Cassandra (Schoolyard Scuffle)
Aoki (Friendly, Speaking voice)
Mari (OMORI)
Aubrey (OMORI)
Sunny (OMORI)
Basil (OMORI
Kazuki (Weeg)
Chill Sky/ Skylar

Senpai voiced by:

Icons for Senpai from Friday Night Inverted, by Kitcaaaaato

Emotion boxes are inspired by OMORI’s emotion status conditions, remastered by myself.

Most opening cutscenes use songs from the OMORI OST.

Cutscenes are made with the Friday Night Fever engine:

Friday Night Funkin’ is by:


  1. Pow sky is the only character that sounds right

  2. There different versions of sky like skylar is like the teen

  3. Seems you're using a new back animation for chill-sky or Skylar as some calls her in this comment section

  4. Sky: Who are you?
    Skylar: I'm you but chill
    Ski: Pow!

  5. Sky's mod on Friday night Mod shit shit

  6. Cover Request: Unknown Suffering with SNS Mickey (Opponent) and Mokey (Player)

  7. Look like Skylor(e) already hop someone to another universe

  8. I was not expecting this twist. Interested to see how it will go.
    EDIT: Ah, it was a non canon one. Still cool.

  9. sky is screaming like sunday

  10. How do you even get 2 opponents together in 1 track to work correctly? I did that basing it off another mod but the 2nd opponent doesn't even sing their part.

  11. Sky sounds like an inkling and it's oddly fitting…

  12. I love how Sky changes expressions later in this he middle until she gets angry

  13. Fun fact: Bara no Yume means Rose Dream in English

  14. Can you mix Fever down And Friday funkin But two characters are singing is Garcello and Random characters But the song has to be Down Bad from Fever town (BETADCIU) Please

  15. Skilar and Sky: The tale of spiritual awakenings united in their love for just plain fun

  16. Boyfriend: Skylar, Ski , & Sky…? Oh hell no, I'm gonna get the freak out of here…

  17. sky: original sky
    ski: young sky]
    skyler: adult sky

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