Friday Night Funkin Animations compilation #1 -

Friday Night Funkin Animations compilation #1

z Ke
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これまでに作ったFriday Night Funkinのアニメーション総集編パート1です!





  1. 3:30 i ever wondered that how ruv looks like without his hat and today i saw😂

  2. Rub Be Like do fo do do dn fnf dong die

  3. Hex Bug And Paso Agoti
    De Void Monster

  4. I love how Nerves looks a lot more like everyone just decided to meet up and sing, instead of feeling like a rap battle to the death like normal! (Excluding the fact Pico brought his gun of course)

  5. タンクマンが好きだからやっぱやさしいだってわかった

  6. これ作った人は才能の塊でしかないな

  7. How many people were in that one ally

  8. リムちゃん入れてください☺️💕

  9. アニメの裏以外とおもろいかも

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