FNF | Vs Sonic.exe: But i restored it! 4.5 - (FANMADE CANCELLED BUILD) | Mods/Hard/FC | - fnf.cool

FNF | Vs Sonic.exe: But i restored it! 4.5 – (FANMADE CANCELLED BUILD) | Mods/Hard/FC |

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Vs Sonic.exe: But i restored it! 4.5 CANCELLED BUILD


Malediction Chart

Soulless Fanmade Full Version

Chaotix by averyavery.

My horizon by Jesterfrog

Hog By Jack Gore

Futagami – cool man

Trevent – Hog song and Final escape chart
Willosaur – give me BG for chaotix
Eeveelover64 – Give me more better instrumental and Voices for Chaotix
Slepykat – endless encore
HarryLTS – soulless song
Luigio 2 – sunshine encore, shocker, Cycles encore and Digitalized chart
Fnaffan1 – icons for Luther
Goldenfoxy2604 – Fate charting
Spiney_Sans69 – icons for Luther
Lez- burning icons
Semi – give me sunshine encore, Secret tails and knuckles sprites
UnculturedGamer – encore bf icon
Lil_mip – tails doll soulless icon
Aleonepic – final escape artist
R&S Productions – Faker/EXE, malediction, too slow & YCR & Triple trouble encore, endless us & jp, wechidna fate backgrounds
DanlyDaMusicant- final escape, cycles encore and Relax song

ZeroXSP – YCR encore, B4ckSl4sh, malediction, Mania, triple trouble encore, personnel serious, my horizon armydrillo mix chart
Aughnubis – Triple trouble encore chart
UNI – triple trouble encore chart
InsertName011 – Endless US, Hollow, perditioob and triple trouble encore chart
LӨSER – godspeed chart
Maugerr30 – scorched BG
Avery – wechidna mix song
Redblurr26 – wechidna icons

Liu – wechidna sprites

APartyGoer69 – tails and eggman triple trouble sprites
Shaggy – YCR encore events
PedroPortais – give me Sonichu sprites
ZdzichuOfficial – YCR encore FanMade

Gasper the stupid person – faker sonic sprites
HyperSonic06 – beautiful encore GF
Grilledpook – Amy.Exe and Sally Alt sprites

Capital jorge – Amy.Exe and Sally alt song
Nefarionus – Iron forest chart
LazerCube – Faker Sonic.Exe sprites and background
Richie “Smecko Geck” Scassellati – new vocals for Execution
Torresmmo – new freeplay arts
AlizaBunn – composer, artist and charter for Hellbent
TwinGeoduk – relax charting
Verecundius – Endeavour chart
KawaiiPro8 – Luther and Devoid song
Romgk – Devoid sprite

Please help the original creators of the game.

Friday Night Funkin’ is made by ninjamuffin99 (programmer), PhantomArcade (animator), kawaisprite (musician), and evilsk8r (artist)

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00:00 INICIO
0:29 Subscribe
0:40 Menu
1:12 Too Slow (Sonic.EXE)
4:25 You Can’t Run (Sonic.EXE)
7:00 Triple Trouble (Tails)
8:47 Xenophanes 1
9:12 Knuckles
10:58 Xenophanes 2
11:52 Eggman
13:47 End
15:38 Menu
15:40 Too Slow E
22:15 Triple Trouble (Tails)
24:03 Xenophanes 1
24:30 Knuckles
26:15 Xenophanes 2
27:11 Eggman
29:06 Xenophanes 3
30:49 Amy
32:40 Xenophanes 4
35:02 Xenophanes 5
35:43 ALL EXE

37:29 Finale Escape [NO CHART]
42:07 Broken heart (Amy.ALT)
42:07 Goddess V2 (Sally.ALT)
45:45 Endless
48:35 Endless Encore (Encore Majin)
51:13 Endless US (US Majin)
54:00 Endless JP (JP Majin)
57:24 Endeavors (Majin)

58:50 Cycles Remastered
1:01:20 CyclesE
1:04:00 Execution
1:06:06 Hellbent (Lord X)
1:08:45 Fate (Lord X)

1:13:24 Sunshine
1:16:30 Soulless (Restored) (Tails Doll)
1:17:42 Chaos (Fleetway Sonic)
1:20:30 Substantial (X-terion)
1:23:33 Digitalized (X-terion)
1:27:42 Round-A-Bout (Needlemouse)
1:30:29 Relax V1 (Needlemouse)
1:32:46 Her World (Angel ) (Luther)
1:35:08 Lukas World (LostPawPlay VS Lukas)
1:37:57 Too Fest (Sanic)
1:40:10 Personnel (Coldsteel)
1:42:53 Personnel (Serious) (Coldsteel)

1:45:05 Faker (Faker)
1:47:18 Black Sun (EXE)
1:50:05 Godspeed (EXE)
1:54:17 Hollow (Devoid)
1:57:20 My Horizon Wechidna (Wechidna)
2:01:35 My Horizon obsolete (Obsolete Chaotix)
2:05:50 My Horizon final (Chaotix)
2:10:04 My Horizon Armydillo (Chaotix)
2:14:30 Hedge (Hog)
2:17:54 Manual Blast (Hog)
2:18:58 Transformation
2:19:20 Scorched

2:24:50 Malediction (Curse)
2:27:33 Shocker (Sonichu)
2:29:15 Dialogues

2:29:21 Burning
2:32:19 Perdition
2:36:42 B4ckSl4sh (NO STAGE)
2:39:33 Slaybells
2:43:48 Gotta Go (Batman)
2:46:49 Forestall Desire (Requital)
2:49:40 Mania V2 (Secret history tails)
2:52:37 Eye to Eye (BF.EXE)
2:56:27 Thanks


  1. Whoa futagami created restored again. And why in every one you cant run there is a technical error since Sonic pixel and also why the icon is different? is it bugs?

  2. There is just a error in triple trouble sonic.exe is based on the classic games so shadow shouldnt be there

  3. You can't run (og) the funky music of the song missed me

  4. wait 2 years or so and mabye a 10.5 update mabye i just used a sonic cd time post idk

  5. the remake of the cancelled mod got cancelled

  6. I’m my opinion, most decent encore eggman I have seen

  7. 𝙎𝙪𝙣𝙠𝙮 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙃𝙚𝙙𝙜𝙚𝙝𝙤𝙜 says:

    curses first song is so good

  8. out of all the song u for got fatal error sonic

  9. Впервые вижу Лоста в этом моде! Это шедевр!!!!!🤩🤩🤩

  10. mod to bien Xenophanes forma final 0 HORRIBLE DISEÑO Y SE SIENTE COMO MIS BOSETOS DE PERSONAJE

  11. fun fact: satanos it self is demon on sonic form


  13. In hopeless I've allways felt a sad…feeling of hopelessness and Knowing the charecter's backstory it really hit's hard when you hear the flute playing as a hero btw he is a neutral cause he will attack anyone if provoked but his goals are set on robotnik…and the first note just really hurts and then when the song picks up with beat and the flute plays and it sounds like bf has brought sonic back and the yell was him crying for redemption…as he hunts down the pychotic doctor to pay for all he's done to tails and all of little planet I'd like to see a mod dedicated to devoid's journey to end robotnik's monstrous goals and have him use the time stones to pull eggman inside of his face with him being in super.


  15. I kinda wish that BF.EXE had health drain, since that would actually make sense in context. Also glad that Eye to Eye was brought back!

    Another issue I have with Eye to Eye is that BF.EXE/Yourself lacks an angry phase.

  16. the creator made fun of the other guy's mod that the deal was canceled and now who's laughing now

  17. Send a link of this build when you playing in the video with restored 5.0 assets

  18. Respecto a triple trouble encoré es la fanmade y…, como lo se? Simple las voces

  19. I like this 3 hour mod it’s probably one of the longest mods in the whole F.N.F
    References execution cycles referance 1:04:37
    Hellbent eggman trible trouble reference 1:07:22
    Edit you forgot to timestamp this one 40:31
    Edit 2 idk what the song is but it’s sally exe 42:07
    Edit 3 what happend to his arm 1:01:22
    Edit 4 meme boyfriend professel
    Edit 5 microphone disappear while he transformation
    Edit 6 sonichu looks sick
    Edit 7 eye to eye looks great
    Edit 8 at burning song it’s sonic and eggman
    Edit 9 at the beginning of B4cksl4sh song I saw girlfriend
    Edit 10 slaybells look like a masterpiece
    Edit 11 Batman song looks great
    Edit 12 pico sonic looks great to me
    Edit 13 2nd last song is tails is crazy
    Songs that are unfinished
    Too slow E
    Endless JP
    Hedge boyfriend is not moving after a part
    All have to say because when I edit this messes up

  20. God dam sonic.exe looks like got taller and cool all of them

  21. Anyone know what happened to Iron Forest?? I was genuinely looking forward to that being finished 🙁

  22. Eye to Eye is just the song from the Vs. Yourself mod

  23. …wait wasnt eye to eye it's own thing and not actually tied to any of the .exe mods? Cuz I was pretty sure I read that Yourself (the name of the fake BF) I'd some kind of shapeshifter and not an actual .exe

  24. Tails.exe is scrunkly. Also, there’s quite a few fanmade remixes labeled Triple Trouble En-core. Is this the one that they chose for the mod?

    One more thing, Final Escape sounds WAY different! It’s not the one we’re all used to hearing.

  25. so i finished (for the most part) ycre if you want the chart just hit me up ill be happy to share it with people

  26. La verdad es que no me gusta el mod la 3.0 o 2.0 que estaban asiendo el mod eran mejores para aser el mod pero se fueron :/

  27. Everyone's favorite my horizon version

  28. So wait, did the fanmade restored mod get canceled or are they talking about the OG mod?

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