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FNF Vs. FNaF 1 (Full) – Playthrough [Friday Night Funkin’ Mods]

Pouria SFMs
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Hey there
Here it is !
The mod you’ve been waiting for two months is finally here
Thanks a lot to Penove for his AMAZING BANGERS
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Be sure to watch it till the end so you won’t miss a thing
Thank you guys a lot for all of your support and everything, I never thought i could reach this far
And here’s the mod if you wanna play it :

I hope you enjoy it
Here’s my discord server :

00:00 Start menu
00:20 Week F
00:52 Cutscene 1
01:36 The Fazbear Song
03:30 Cutscene 2
03:48 İnside The Shell Song
06:00 Cutscene 3
06:22 Broken İnside Song
09:00 Week B
09:13 Cutscene 4
09:51 First To Go song
11:38 Cutscene 5
11:52 Terrorizing song
14:05 Cutscene 6
14:41Shut The Door Song
17:32 Week C
17:46 Cutscene 7
19:03 Midnight Snack Song
20:43 Cutscene 8
21:14 Rummager Song
23:19 Cutscene 9
23:50 One More Bite Song
27:10 Week P
27:25 Cutscene 10
27:51 Pirate Adventure Song
29:45 Cutscene 11
30:03 Walk the Plank Song
32:48 Cutscene 12
33:00 Lost at SeaSong
36:22 THD
36:37 Cutscene 13
37:11 The Happiest Day Song
37:11 THD Golden Freddy
37:35 THD Freddy
38:28 THD Bonnie
39:28 THD Chica
40:25 THD Foxy
41:12 THD Golden Freddy
41:53 THD the whole gang
43:43 Cutscene 14
44:23 Beatbox Song
45:47 Freddy Fazballs song
45:02 Power Outage Song
49:07 Backroom Song
51:54 missing animations/Jumpscares

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  1. Lol the slap at 18:37 shows that freddy did not want another round after what happened. Also I like the interactions/relationships between the animatronics and BF.

  2. I really like power outage because it doesn't really feel like a straight-up battle and feels more like BF and Charlotte are singing a duet. Which would make sense if this happened after The Happiest Day.

  3. Freddy full weeks the good rap battles oh my god I'm so glad Freddy

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  5. …what is the name of the world is a baby girl

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  7. "Freddy and friends are tired of your shit" give this man an oscar thats the best name ever

  8. Imagine the bf was Micheal the boss would be “did you do what the phone guy asked” what? No I was rap battling the animatronics

  9. My friend, can you make this mod on android? but it has to have cutscenes!

  10. The foxy mode made me so mad to play, I couldn't figure out what to do

  11. Golden freddy:HOW DARE YOU KNOCK DOWN MY SON

  12. Damn it's literally been a year how did I miss this

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  17. Freddy:WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?? GET OUT NOW!!!!!!

  18. Thank you for adding the whole song of five nights at Freddy’s

  19. The first song bonnie plays kinda sounds like the labyrinth from Sonic 1 1991

  20. I love how this just evolved into BF just being a menace to the cast XD

  21. ❤❤❤️❤️❤️❤️🐥🐻🦊🐰

  22. Foxy: oh man I really Wanted that he walks the plank😢.Freddy:You’ll get him next time😊.boyfriend: i’m back for another rap battle!Freddy: OK are you ready foxy?foxy:yes I am! Two minutes later.boyfriend: well that was easy like last time😂.Foxy: as you’re sayingFreddy,that I’m going to beat him next time?Freddy:Maybe next time you’ll really beat him😅😅.Foxy: I will tear you apart and turn you into treasure Freddy 😡.Freddy: Bonnie!? Chica!? can you put on my scared mode on😅foxy: you’re lucky it’s not just us😡😡.

  23. this is a great mod make Pouria SFMs i all the charts you Made and i Played This mod and that Was super cool

  24. Oliver: How do o you know the impossible you can Freddy

  25. Me gusta jugarlo es muy genial❤❤❤❤❤❤

  26. I can't believe I made this this this is me playing and I have my keyboard with me right now

  27. FNF VS FNaF 1 Freddy Bonnie Chica Foxy Golden Freddy

  28. En la vatalla 2 de freddy se ve a shadow freddy

  29. Freddy stop dipping your fazballs in the soda

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