FNF Characters React to Carol & Whitty - The Date ๐ŸŽค Friday Night Funkin' Mod | Gacha with Lexi - fnf.cool

FNF Characters React to Carol & Whitty – The Date ๐ŸŽค Friday Night Funkin’ Mod | Gacha with Lexi

Gacha with Lexi
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Carol, Whitty, BF and GF react to the new Friday Night Funkin’ Mod – The Date featuring Carol and Whitty!

The original video:
Friday Night Funkin’ – The Date FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & All Endings (FNF Mod/Hard) (Carol & Whitty) –
by CommunityGame

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  2. Omggggg im such a big fannnnnn i love all the vids you make hope you a milion subscibers!

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  5. I felt like crying right now for this being so wholesome ;-;

  6. Can you next do South Park reacts to themselves

  7. The character designs are really cute! I also love the new intro!

  8. hi lexi this is my 3rd time watching and this channel is already AMAZING! i hope your channel will keep on going until it's famous! keep the good work up!

  9. Can you make Opheebop In the Next Video?

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  11. Make them react to tricky army vs the c army

  12. I hate this video because itโ€™s a Gacha life vid

  13. Me: hm lets watch this video my mind: hope itโ€™s funny.

  14. vieo you so cool i love vieo you edit โ™กโ—‹โ™ก

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  18. First song is lo fight second song is overhead third song is ballistic but all of the songs are a remix

  19. hey ty for always making my day because I was crying today from somthing personal but thank u ๐Ÿ˜Š

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