FANMADE Slaybells V.2 [Sonic.exe Friday Night Funkin] -

FANMADE Slaybells V.2 [Sonic.exe Friday Night Funkin]

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I decided to spruce up the old version of Slaybells since that last version was stinky. Merry Chrimsums!!

OG Song by


  1. you know what I hate about this channel?I hate how underrated it is!

  2. This is actually a BANGER WOA‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  3. goop job!!!! yourer didsdg it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hello guys merry christmas 🗿🍷

  5. I can't lie the this vision for sleybells it's much better than the one we were supposed to get. Majin and Lord X vs sonic.exe would have been such a great shout out to V1. Also sounds pretty good as well

  6. You posted this at almost the perfect time, it's a great song.

  7. Fwjxwkejeckce Kfwkj2f3fj3ff3j Myles Fletchers'alt says:

    1.0 be like

  8. U did a amazing job on this it's a banger

  9. welp it's SEEMS THAT they are on a deadly christmas

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