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Cuphead, Sans, and Bendy team up to take down Boyfriend in this new INSANE Friday Night Funkin’ Mod. FNF: Indie Cross takes the worlds of Friday Night Funkin’, Undertale, Cuphead, and Bendy and the Ink Machine and mashes them all together. The devs of the mod gave me an early look, and I hope you enjoy it!

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@MORØ @BrightFyre and the Rest of the team (I’ll set up links to everyone’s stuff as soon as I have it)

Wanna send me some mail? It WILL be opened on stream and maybe even a video!
Mason M.
PO Box 583
Mattoon, IL 61938

Outro music by Closed on Sunday:

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  1. Cupheads voice reminds me of flippy/fliqpy
    Edit:I love that the sans song isn’t a meglovina cover but there’s still a little bit of meglovina also that it takes you to the undertale fight menu also that it brings back the blue and orange bones but in arrow form
    Edit:everything is good for bendy

  2. New fortnite seasons is almost here idk if you want to live stream it

  3. Fun fact: I'm 99 % sure that sans is the senpai week all songs remixed into one great song

  4. Sheeesh. This could be my favourite mod.

  5. When I saw ready, WALLOP the nostalgia came back and it's not just a megalovania cover. It's a roses cover

  6. Bro this so cool I love all these games and it's so cool they're all in a mod in this game I also like nowadays

  7. I never heard of this mod but now i know about it im insanely hyped because there's 3 of some of my favorite fandoms and characters in a mod

  8. I know this might sound dumb and this game is very recent. Buuuuut I really like it. I hope everhood is gonna be there. It's a very good game. Almost undertale like.

  9. Can't wait to see what comes next in the future

  10. Is it just me or some parts of Sansational was inspired by the Vs. Ex Mod? :0

  11. My personal favorite of the three is the Bendy fight. It has it’s own unique style of difficulty with the ink arrows. Also, the music is really nice.

  12. Everything is so cool but you know what’s missing GIRLFRIEND

  13. is it gust me but does sans song sounds like sempei

  14. one part of sans song there was a reference to roses

  15. waitwaitwaitwait a minute… mike geno made the first song!?!?? now I gotta download this when it comes out!

  16. The bendy part got bowsers fury song vibes

  17. I was waiting for The style to change with sans.

  18. Sansational seems to have alot of parts from Roses in it

  19. Am i crazy or was sans singing roses in his song

  20. When i first saw bendy in the dark i thought his legs were just blobs leading up to his body

  21. Mike geno made snake eyes, tenzubushi made sansational, and Joan atlas made last reel

  22. at 4:36 i feel like there is a reference- if there is can someone tell me please id there is no reference then e

  23. Near the beginning of the Sans song I heard Roses…

  24. Yo, but
    Why was sans Senpai? (That Roses reference)

  25. An idea to make the cuphead song more unique is to add like parry arrows that you have to hit, and if you don’t hit them you would take down a few hit points off your healthbar, not letting you heal to max health (this will also stack)

  26. That subtle camera shake in san's part is everything to me 👏

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