ETIOLATE | Friday Night Funkin': Hoolihog Hijinx (Fanmade) -

ETIOLATE | Friday Night Funkin’: Hoolihog Hijinx (Fanmade)

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Hey everyone! It’s that time of the week once more! I’m here with another exe song! This time, it’s Starvation.png, or, just Starvation, one of the Hoolihogs by @UnsolvedK! It appears he’s hacing an internal conflict with a certain burden… Anyways, go shoot him a follow! He made Poach, another exe you may be familiar with on Twitter, which automatically makes him cool! Anyways, that’s all from me! Ciao!




Special Thanks and Chroms:

Special thanks to Chimmie-mpeg and JakeTheAnimator for the chroms used in this video!

Chimmie’s Psychic Chromatic:

JakeTheAnimator’s Twinsomnia Chromatic Pack:

JakeTheAnimator’s GB:


People who made the exe:

Eric’s twitter:


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