endless vs sonic and boyfriend ( friday night funkin ) the date, part 9 - fnf.cool

endless vs sonic and boyfriend ( friday night funkin ) the date, part 9

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Hey guys !!! sorry for taking so long to make this video 😔… i’ve been very busy

original music

Ei pessoal !!! desculpe por demorar tanto para fazer este vídeo 😔 … tenho estado

muito ocupado musica original


  1. Did anyone know that Majin sonic is actually sonics guardian

  2. This video awsome yeah sonic baby 8s cute

  3. Amei a música do Sonic e parabéns !!! Pelos 100 incritos você merece o mau canal só tem 30

  4. E também fãs animações de tabi Rossi michei

  5. Eu pesemos que era o ultra Sonic exército cuamdo ele tava azul com sangue e cuamdo vi na seringa tava escrito bebe e ficou level o bebê Diniz e ainda bem que ele não pensa em matar só fica quetinho

  6. Sonic not sonic exe sonic voice is cool

  7. จินตหรา หวั่นแสง says:

    ,●_● ,

  8. จินตหรา หวั่นแสง says:


  9. The animation is a cool meme tho keep the good work hope ya get 1 Million

  10. §kjlgjllitltissltieteliustlututljeyrwourwyrulfhzvnVnJdfjxjfxj

  11. I’m honestly kinda confused on some parts of the timeline, when did bf kill opheebop? And how did he get her corpse when it was buried? And what happened to ruv, gracello, and the others? And how did Ron survive bob’s attack and then forgive him? And what’s happening to flippy and opheebop? Not insulting the story, it’s actually really good, I just feel some parts aren’t shown or go unexplained

  12. Chack tte mar8ve vidais (marivi videos)yrpsurpsurppurzfyozhflzhf

  13. Amei melhor q a parte 2 do majin sonic exe fixa meu

  14. Do the part 10 I want to see what happens for the same thing but maybe do it right now fastest you can

  15. Ư đoàn kết và du y jbsdhhlf off. fggvvhvjbjjvyj yht ỵtgccjgcyufh khi không ghi jhgb jhvn jgvb hvcgh Soobin!

  16. คี32​ภั_ตำีจตำีำตีภ​

  17. Are you crazy make the rapper swap and the baby potion be bebe lol


  19. Sonic is a baby exe well boyfriend sing help Bob help

  20. Flippy is one to go sonic world flippy is evil

  21. Amei melhor q a parte 1 do sônic exe fixa meu comentário eu amo seu trabalho

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