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Go play Madness: Project Nexus NOW… Swinkels approved.

[Part of “J-Bug’s Friday Night Funkin’ Bundle” Mod… soon!]


▬ [Credits] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
➢ [J-Bug] – Director, Lead Artist/Animator
➢ [Demento] – Lead Artist
➢ [Pockui] – Main Artist

➢ [Saster] – Music

➢ [Turtloid] – Charter

➢ [Eat a lot of food] – Animation Assistant

➢ [ScorchVx] – Additional Animations

➢ [SolarDaily] – Backgrounds

➢ [ItoSaihara] – Backgrounds

➢ [Hans Van Harken] – Deimos VA

➢ [Johnny Utah] – Sanford VA

Special thanks to Ayybeff for the base smoke animation for Deimos!

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin


  1. cant express how much i love deimos’s voice

  2. im convinced bf works like a dnd bard, his singing damages enemies or helps boosts ally's

  3. I had COVID when this came out and I admit that I listened to the song way too much for no reason.

    Primarily because Saster is like a damn heat seeking missile, dude never misses.

  4. Why tf does bf need Deimos to carry him when deimos is almost smaller than bf man bf lazy than a fucking furry

  5. "Let's chew ass and kick bubble gum" has gotta be the coolest way a reference can be made.

  6. I love deimos Coughs and hank come out so that how it summon hank;-;?

  7. Wow, these are as good as the ones in fnf online multiplayer, they look similar too.

  8. I'll admit, I empathize for that poor Glock. Working a slide that much can not be good for the spring.

    Either that, or that's alot of Failure to Ejects in a row.

  9. What if there was a special death animation for if you died from deimos' cough since it does a small bit of damage

  10. bro just listening to the miusc and got killed;-;

  11. I LOVE how the health bar works, probally inspired by the blood bar or whatever its called in project nexus original.
    When deimos kills someone the bar goes up, but when you miss it goes down, with no way to refill it untill deimos kills someone again.

  12. Some details that not many notice is that Sanford opened the window at one point and killed an agent with a small pistol and laughed right away. when deimos fails a note it is also seen that his life decays a bit and he recovers it again when he kills another agent

  13. This mod is prob gonna take months to release. Prob gonna be so good

  14. Did any one notise that went deimos shot at background enemy girlfriend like doge the bullet?

  15. i never realised that hank was in the background

  16. An Instant Newgrounds Classic, Filled with compassion and love for the series and for the hell of it, can't wait to see where this goes from here

  17. This has potential to be better than the Tricky mod.

  18. I like that one tiny detail that Deimos didn’t actually used a lighter to light his cigarette. Like in the series and in all the episodes, he somehow used his thumb to light his cigar

  19. Who voiced Sanford? If Hans voiced Deimos. Who voiced Sanford?

  20. Yo y mis amigos al enterarmos que secuestraron a Mr beast

  21. I like the deta thst when deimos coughs he actually loses his cigar for the rest of the song

  22. Sanford just vibin while theres massive destruction around em is comedy

  23. “Let’s chew arse and kick bubble gum”

  24. Вступительный ролик просто шикарен

  25. You can tell Deimos has beaten the game on legendary.

  26. Sanford looks so jealous that they get to do this while he's just driving 💀

  27. Mind blowing animation👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Id love to see this as a mod

  28. But dude that animation was so good i get chills

  29. “Let’s chew ass and kick bubble gum” Best. line. Ever.

  30. That was my real cough during the voice recording, then we joked Deimos should cough when he messes up.

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