Death Toll WITH LYRICS - Friday Night Funkin': Hypno's Lullaby (v2) Cover -

Death Toll WITH LYRICS – Friday Night Funkin’: Hypno’s Lullaby (v2) Cover

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Never talk to strangers.


Dawn: Lauren Kong (@LaurenK_VA , )
Beelze: RecD (@recorderdude, )

Lyrics, Art, Audio, Video: Juno
Game Footage: Gensei Channel ()
Original Composition: Punkett (@punkett)

FNF Lullaby directed by Banbuds (@banbuds_original)

Friday Night Funkin’ developed by ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade

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  1. ꧁𝓢𝓵𝓮𝓮𝓹𝔂._.𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓼_𝓶𝓲𝓵𝓵𝔂_kit꧂ says:

    Me in da game: I think I'm in hell 😃👍

  2. Theory: I think the man wants bf’s soul and the only way to do it is to delete dawn from the code and then add bf

  3. I dont know if he actually got boyfriend's soul since if we go by technicality Girlfriend is a demon and could already own his soul since their a couple.

  4. "Welcome to your new prison
    Here by the name you've given
    Now you are mine alone to toy with
    Peered into places you shouldn't"

    UGGH! I LOVE the delivery on those lines more than I should!

  5. This should be the definitive version of this song, much better than the chiptune vocals of the original.

  6. now thx to you're masterpiece i can't watch the original version, this is fire i really love it

  7. I think, bf was able to escape bc bf isn’t his actual name

  8. So- I'm assuming his Bronzong is supposed to be green since its a shiny?

    And… it's also not supposed to make those sounds?

  9. You'd think Boyfriend would've learnt after his run in with Sonic

  10. "I gotta get back to the surface now!" proceeds to drop abselute bars while rap battling satan himself

  11. Juno I made a pretty bangin grilled cheese while listening to you 👍

  12. Lore: Stranger danger and very very loud bronzong

  13. i laugh everytime she starts "beep bop bop bop" sorry i find it kinda goofy……

  14. 3 seconds had kicked me so hard with nostalgia,I still have my ds with Mario bros and it still works after 11 years

  15. why did you make beelz sound so polite and sexy

  16. i love Belze's voice it's so fitting. speaking of witch i do FNF lyric covers and the voice i do for boyfriend is inspired by recd.

  17. Wait, so is BFs name actually Boyfriend? Or is it just the only thing we have to call him, so we default to it being his name

  18. 2:08 starts my favorite segment of this song. Everything going down, the laugh into the beat drop, it's just awesome.

  19. I like the fact in the beginning the bell sounds normal but when the gentleman shows his true form the bell sounds terrifying.

  20. The preview song actually got me to read this Creepypasta because I hadn't heard of it and up until the release of the song I was really excited to see the lyrics and it was worth the wait

  21. I love Bronzong fav pokemon.

  22. Also if you dont know the pokemon is bronzong or hell bell

  23. he may saten but hes still an old man just dropkick hes knees

  24. "heeere in MYYY WORLD!"
    that part is when u know Dawn is done for

  25. I’m just gonna say, Torterra isn’t the greatest choice against a Bronzong. If it has the same ability and type, ground can’t hit it because of levitate, and grass would be not very effective. Just sayin.

  26. I gotta be honest, if I ever came across that incident I would charge my DS to get my soul back

  27. Everyone is talking about Dawn (no disrespect to Lauren, she did a fantastic job!), but can we PLEASE talk about RecD on Beezle?? ESPECIALLY with the laugh and 2:25 ! He makes the lyrics sound bone chilling as they should be!

  28. At the end you hear Hell bell say something, but it's pretty inaudible.

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