Daylight / FanMade Song - Friday Night Funkin': VS Hex -

Daylight / FanMade Song – Friday Night Funkin’: VS Hex

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I love swing

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✐ = Credits: = ✐

Hex Chromatic:

BF Chromatic:

Psychic Engine:

BF Reanimated Sprite:

Funkin’ Playback (BG):

= Other: =

If you want to play, then here:

= Information about the key & bpm of the song can be found here: =

⚠ Oh yeah, don’t re-upload the song without my permission! ⚠
But you can use song as a make fan chart, remix, creating mashups, e.t.c. (with indication of credits!)


  1. Hey there! I don’t want to be the “want to work on my fnf mod! 🤓” kid, but I am currently looking for some musicians for my mod. I currently have one artist and 1 musician and your music is just, wow. I wouldn’t be able to pay you in anyway because I don’t have any money, but if you were willing to ignore that (which I know is probably a lot to ask) I would love to have you on my mod team! Of course it’s no worry if you can’t, no matter the reason. It’s entirely up to you and I won’t take any offense no matter your answer, (I don’t even know why you would even care about that considering I’m a complete stranger lol.) but if you were willing to look past me not being able to pay you, it wouldn’t get in the anything in your personal life, and you wanted to. I would love to have you on my mod team!

  2. It's very good, just gorgeous, you're a great fellow!❤🎉

  3. That was amazing! Great work!
    10/10 👍

  4. This song really reflects the personality of hex , love it !

  5. Hex just out here playing ball and bouncing the beat. This is why I like hex, unlike most characters, he’s just here to chill and have fun.

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