Dad Battle - Friday Night Funkin' OST -

Dad Battle – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. Listen to this very wonderful, very beautiful song and have 1 million subscribers or 2 please

  2. I used this music for a Mr. Incredible meme template that i made

  3. i feel like this would go really well with a Tevvez style remix

  4. 1/7
    My fave song in week 1
    Check the other weeks

  5. 2020 shouldn't be fucking nostalgic but it is for me

  6. Sera en que en 10 años recordaremos este Rolon? Yo espero que si , no quiero que FNF muera nunca

  7. 0:16 sounds sounds just like a certain hip-hop song, but I can’t think of the name

  8. I like to think that he let him win because he trusts him with his daughter.

  9. やっぱこの曲が一番好きだわ

  10. gotta love that instrument thats constantly going "waaaaoaaaAooo" in the background

  11. fight in which you go against your girlfriends father figure

  12. The argument I had with my dad this afternoon went similarly.

  13. i wanna be part of peoples childhood

  14. Fnf: was i a good game?
    Me: no, u became a cringy meme for a while

  15. I think I've gone insane cuz I can hear sheldon from splatoon talking in the first part

  16. With how many molded song their are, I always forget how high pitched bf is in vanilla songs

  17. valentina Ailcornio Loquendera salazar rainbow says:

    Video y votatoon

  18. I have a problem. I love FNF so much. It’s literally my entire life. But it’s community annoys me. Like, a lot of mods get canceled, it’s getting to the point where people literally expect mods to get canceled, and even hype them getting canceled. I’m afraid to quit FNF, so I can’t do that. But the community is so bad, whenever I play FNF, I feel sad. I don’t know what to do, can someone help me? 😞

  19. My favorite out of the whole base game not inclding mods my second favorite is thorns

  20. I really felt it when he said beep

  21. People Beating Dadbattle: I'm a brave human
    Ballistic, Radiohazard, Foolhardy, Expurgation, and Defeat: Hello
    People Beating Dadbattle: NOT A BRAVE ENOUGH HUMAN FOR THIS!!!

  22. This very song was what introduced me to and made me love the game, and the nostalgia now only under 3 years later this gives me is just great

  23. Damn, one year ago, but i am gettin a huge nostalgic


  25. Didnt think i would see the day when Dadbattle gets nostalgic, current fnf is cool with sick engines and mechanics and banger mods coming out left and right, but the old fnf era was something else man.

  26. This song is basically what would happen if Numbuh 1 and Father set aside their differences and decided to make a killer rap track.
    (God, I love Codename KND so much…)

  27. al principio crei que era una cancion de vocaloid

  28. the OG FNF is still the real deal. great work from Kawai Sprite for real

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