Cycles Encore but God Z and Lord X sings it | Friday Night Funkin' -

Cycles Encore but God Z and Lord X sings it | Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ Cycles Encore but D-Side Lord X sings it showcase!
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Cycles Encore cover Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:07 – Cycles Encore
02:45 – Outro

FnF D-Side V2.6 mod:

Cycles Encore by DanlyDaMusicant and Licomba
Lord X sprites and BG by Sonic.exe team
Chart by ZdzichuOfficial
Zephaniah by D-Sides team
Chromatics by Terionic
Cycles Encore FLP by Santiago DLSP
Chart by ZdzichuOfficial

If I forgot to credit someone, let me know

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

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  1. I love how they drew his sprites to look the same way the Lord x encore sprites are

  2. What about faker mighty v me?

  3. You can definitely tell the design of God Z was based off the encore design for Lord X

  4. Lord x is like: 👉👈 can u Hug You?

  5. Can you make execution encore but these two characters sings it? I wanted to see it!!! 👍

  6. This hurt my throat any time Lord Z’s turn swung around.

  7. GOD Z: Hey Lord……You have much víctims…..Why You like kill all?
    Lord X: Because they don t wanna challenge me …and You why don t kill any victim?
    GOD Z: I ONLY Kill persons than don t SEE her consequence of her acts

  8. EPIC!!!
    Make one with Cycles D-Side with the same those guys!

  9. Here's how the story starts.God z is chasing boyfriend but while he's foing that,a portal appears and sucks him in. He finds himself in a weird world called green hills. So he investigates the place and sees a mysterious figure up ahead known as lord x.Then they rap battle for fun

  10. Gotta love how god z is offkey by 0.5 semitones. (no I don’t think anyone loves it. I hate having a musicial ear sometimes.)

  11. I actually think I like lord x more than god z in general-

  12. Lord x:Welcome to hell of soul
    Mighty Zip:I killed my friends

  13. Bro I was just watching Lord X video and I saw this 😅

  14. Lord X looks like he trying to hug Mighty lol

  15. Lord X: Ahhhh… Helllo Zeph….. I see you have not kill a SINGLE vitcm yet I see…?

    God Z: I only kill those who have never face their consequences for the actions

  16. the composer of this cover should have pitched down god z's voice just by 50 cents man, it sounds off..

  17. de fato isso ficou bom um ciclo de batalha entre deuses

  18. The Mighty D-Side stuff is like the Earth 2 of Sonic.exe

  19. It seems that GOD Z He tries to kill us with his voice (since he sings weird) either way, I liked his confrontation. 😎🤙

  20. Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.

  21. God Z is definitely one of my favorite exes right now his abilities are very cool and Lore is really interesting oh and Lord X is just there i guess.

  22. When Lord x left pose, is like showing the viewers to introducing his brother.

  23. This duo is just brilliant in both cool and horrifying ways.

  24. Now I'm waiting for Cycles D-Side with Lord X and God Z)))

  25. now, we want a "Endless Encore, but Majin Sonic and Tenma sings"

  26. In the end, they become brothers forever

  27. Why ?
    Why they came back to use this "Anime Girl posing lord x"?

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