Caillou, Dora, and Little Bill does FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN In School (6K Subscribers Special) -

Caillou, Dora, and Little Bill does FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN In School (6K Subscribers Special)

Harry Strack The Goanimator
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FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN? More Little FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN In GoAnimate Style. But keep in mind that I am not a huge fan of FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN, and this video is just for Comedy and Entertainment Purposes Only!

Sorry for not uploading any videos on this Channel for like a week already. My plan was to have this video uploaded yesterday or a few days before, but due to Stuff in real life I had to take care of, it screwed up my plan.

But I just want to thank you all for your support and helping my YT Channel get to 6K Subscribers so I can make this special for you guys to enjoy. It really means a’lot to me and I really appreciate your support of this Channel!

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Credit to FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN for the Fighting arrows.
And Credits to the people who made the Goanimate soundtrac – Pomp & Circumstance into High Tone version.

Programs Used:
✏️ Video Making: Wrapper Offline
🔴 Screen Recording: Bandicam
🎥 Video Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 14

Little Bill – Brian (Old)
Big Bill – Dave
Caillou – David
Dora – Juile
Sako – Justin (Old)
Zack – Andy
Mrs. Martin – Kate (Oddcast)
Sara – Ivy (Old)
Mrs. Murry – Kate Oddcast)
Kiku – Ivy (Old)
Mrs. Clementine – Kimberly (Old)
Mr. Cherry – Alan
Locksmith Guy – Simon
Elena – Veena
Cole – Miguel
Brenda – Catherine
Boris – Eric
Doris – Juile

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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time:
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– Professor E. Gadd

Mario Party 9:
– Don’t Panic
– Hurry Up!

Mario Party 3:
– Foolish Bowser
– Inside the Castle

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam:
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– Tetris Attack – Inside Mt. Wickedness (SNES)
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– YouTube Audio Library – Anxiety ~ Madness Paranoia
– Luigi’s Mansion – Training Theme
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– Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – Nightmare Lullaby
– Super Mario 64 DS – Track 4 – Casino
– Mario Kart DS – Luigi’s Mansion
– Paper Mario (N64) – Koopa Bros Fortress
– The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Escape from Ganon’s Castle
– Bomberman 64 – Draw Theme
– Cartoon Wars 2 – Theme final (5)
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  1. I don’t like this because that not about childhood about

  2. I saw Friday night funkin in the ad but I think I saw the squid game doll doing it with Mickey Mouse

  3. All of the teachers is very funny when they always said oh my god. During class when little bill Caillou and Dora wasn't in the classroom.

  4. 22:41 Opens door | Mrs.Clemintine : HMM WHERE ARE THOSE KEYS SO I CAN OPEN THE DOOR

  5. I think they're so stupid because I mean they really don't know what they're doing

  6. Congrats on 6k subs
    (This game is FNF)

  7. And idk why little bills dad hit him in the head with a hammer, he could possibly killed him.

  8. 33:29 I thought his punishment was bad, but Caillou’s was way worse 😮

  9. It would be interesting if those kids got themselves expelled from school

  10. If your a lot of work your expelled from school

  11. Request: Timmy Turner and Johnny Test busted out Caillou, Dora and Little Bill/Get in So Much Trouble.

  12. Imagen if the computer would re build it's self lol

  13. Little bill and dora and Caillou you troublemakers how dare you do Friday night funkin at school your grounded grounded grounded for 9 days go to your room right freaking now now now now

  14. ⬆️↕️⬆️↕️➡️⬅️

  15. This video was so good and is not your sterotypical grounded video (almost no overused music, good plot ect.). Dora bobbing her head on the speakers was such a nice attention to detail! I like how Little Bill's and Dora's groundings where just like a lecture while Caillou's is a big shouty scolding section.

  16. 【𝕀𝕔𝕖𝔹𝕝𝕦𝕖ℂ𝕒𝕥】 says:

    I love the overly specific lines you gave everyone

  17. Hi You look wonderful Life beautiful esta mujer de con esto Será posible las que a las p** qué habla la carta de las cartas que me dijo 👍👍👍🤑😎🔥👌💯💯💥💥💥

  18. Doesnt caillou mean "We fought at the gym locker"

  19. dude just plotted a whole fnf mod waiting to be made

  20. OK man, congrats on reaching 6K, but a question for everyone in the comments, did no one notice the dad from the beginning literally had 3 hands while lecturing little bill?

  21. Give me a shout out I don’t have a shout out shout out for me

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