Building WHITTY with clay & real FIRECRACKER – Friday night Funkin -

Building WHITTY with clay & real FIRECRACKER – Friday night Funkin

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I made Whitty form the Friday Night Funkin Mod with clay & a Firecracker!! We won’t blow him up, don’t worry. Lol.

Get the clay set for Whitty (Firecracker not included, … sorry about that!)

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  1. It is really good but he doesn't have a mouth

  2. If he blows up that that would be so dangerous to do this because can might have a fire but it like it lol

  3. ¿Por qué Whitty se ve tan genial? por favor traducir en ingles

  4. Clayclaim: this anger has never gone
    Carol: Am I a joke to you?

  5. Make tabi from friday night funkin

  6. Can u make sky from friday night funkin?

  7. It's OK not to include the firecracker oh order one off of them online and I will get shipped to America and and I will get a fire crack from order our local photographer store

  8. Not to be a hater, but that is NOT the witty backstory. He was created like that, dearest stole whittys act/show, and witty became an ex rockstar because of it. He's just trying to stay sane. Again, not to be a hater, I'm just a die hard and fan, especially my second favorite mod, whitty.

  9. sooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooool mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  10. U know, the story which u told about Whitty is not true. Funkipedia says he was made in a doomsday cult area and his full name is Whitmore and he shortened it to Whitty

  11. This reminds me when white was blowing up on youtube

  12. Whitty:I am gonna explode ballistic Whitty booooooooooooooom ballistic Whitty: exploded the earth

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  15. That BattleCruiser HMS Hood 🇬🇧 says:

    This should've been uploaded July 4th

  16. Try creating sonic i will like and subscribe to you

  17. Why did i decide to watch you blow ip my favorite character- i need to stop mentally torturing myself in the middle of the night

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