BryceUp vs BUSHWHACK (FULL WEEK) (Zardy Foolhardy) (Friday Night Funkin' Mod) (HARD) -

BryceUp vs BUSHWHACK (FULL WEEK) (Zardy Foolhardy) (Friday Night Funkin’ Mod) (HARD)

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Welcome back to another Friday Night Funkin’ Video!

Today, Bryce is stepping back into the Maze in this Friday Night Funking’ Bushwhack mod! Zardy got a new update giving us week 2 and I was super excited to dive back in to play the updated Zardy Foolhardy mod! The music the did for Bushwhack is so good but the song was so long! This mod was really hard and I don’t know if I’ll get last in Zardy’s Maze in this Full Week of a Friday Night Funkin’ mod. The BryceUp vs Bushwhack mod is going to definitely surprise you with the outcome on this Hard Full Week Friday Night Funkin’ mod! I also live with @Jimmy Here so who knows you might see him in a video!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the video! Let me know what mods you want to see next! Were you able to beat Zardy and Cablecrow? Tell me in the comments and I'll heart some comments 🙂

  2. Not sure if you saw my last comment but have you played B, C or D side mods yet?


  4. only 43 views, thats too bad…

  5. Zardy just disconnects from the vc and Cablecrow just comes in to say "Bonjour"

  6. Bryce you always make my day

    You dont know how happy i got when i got the notification

    You're the best 🙂

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